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Thread: 2 Gold Street - Rental - Financial District - by Avinash K. Malhotra Architects

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    This past Saturday, a few friends and I helped a woman and her 4 year old daughter move out of 2 Gold to a cheaper and larger place in a nearby older building.

    My friend said, "It should be easy; it's a very small apartment." I said, "Ever watch a woman empty a small handbag." Never agree to anything over drinks. The backbreaker was a 1st generation plasma TV [they weigh a ton].

    I thought we would have more trouble at the older building; it didn't have a freight elevator, and there was a long hallway with steps down and up. No AC in the hallways.

    2 Gold was the problem.

    The building has a slick lobby, and all common areas are frigidly AC'ed. There's a freight room with a long ramp out to the street. A small elevator in the corner wasn't working, and there were 2 other people moving out that day. So it was the three passenger elevators, which seemed too few for a building this size. It took hours for the idiot manager to realize he had to put one on manual and dedicate it to moving.

    The place was filled with people moving through the lobby, and there was always a crowd waiting for an elevator. Looked more like a college campus than a Lower Manhattan luxury building.

    Zero security.

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    Default Wow.

    A building that big with no doorman?

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    There's a doorman, but he didn't seem to be doing anything. The Pearl St entrance next to the garage was open to anyone. No one challenged what we were doing in the building.

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    Ripe for the picking.

    This just in from Curbed:

    Following the drug-related shooting of a 2 Gold Street resident inside his 37th-floor apartment earlier this week, some tenants in the luxury rental building have taken to the Curbed comments to describe what they say is declining security and living conditions in the tower. Landlord TF Cornerstone is now doing something about it, distributing a memo outlining new security procedures in the notorious party building. A tipster forwards the memo along and adds, "I wonder if they will actually check everyone's photo ID's now. I also wonder how many people threatened to leave. Agree with all those commenters that the building culture has changed drastically in the 2+ years I've lived there. I had a conversation in August with my (luckily quiet and respectful) neighbor about all the obnoxious tenants who trash the place."
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