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Thread: The Chrysler Building - 405 Lexington Avenue @ 42nd St - by William Van Alen

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    This is a building that makes me proud to be a New Yorker.

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    10... hands down the most striking building in New York. Makes me gasp every time I see it. It looks wonderful when the spire is lit at night, and during the day when the sunlight bounces off its metallic surface it's just gorgeous. I snapped some pictures on a rainy day and that's when it really looked surreal... looming over the city. Awesome.
    It may sound corny but when my wife and I leave New York to go back to Belgium, as we cross the Queensboro bridge we look out the rear window, we smile at it, and say "See you soon !" with a big grin on our faces

    (pictures taken July 2003)

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    You got some pretty sweet zoom on that lens. What camera were you using in those shots?

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    Hi, it's an Olympus "Camedia Ultra Zoom" -series C730UZ, bought it in March last year, this model has been discontinued but the one that comes closest in terms of features is the newer C750, I believe. The 730 is "only" 3 megapixels.

    It has a 10x optical zoom, and is pretty good at macro-shots as well, like up to one inch close from an object. You could take a picture of a quarter and make it fill the whole frame, really.
    I don't know much about photography so I haven't even scratched the surface of all the camera's possibillities, it has quite a lot of aperture and shutter options, but it nearly always passes the moron test in "auto" mode most of the time, so it's really a camera for me

    It does decent mpeg movies with sound as well. I don't own or really "need" a videocamera so that's another reason I thought it was a good choice. I'm happy with it, it's a very solid and decent camera. On the downside, it's very bulky compared to most others digital cams though, as the lens slides outward over an inch whenever you power it on ...

    *edit - spell check. And I'm not even close I'm afraid.*

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    This is the U.S. model (740, doesn't exist in Europe) that comes closest I think :;product=909

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    The majestic himself: the Chrysler.

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    Default Chrysler Building Owners sitting on a tourist GEM

    Sad, but one of the most beautiful buildings ANYWHERE goes about its job as an office building with almost NO OPPORTUNITY for the admiring public to experience it. Visitors for years (decades?) have been routinely brushed away by uncaring security guards who stop almost everyone before entry into the lobby. The observation deck? Closed for decades! Gift shop? Forget it! Interpretive handouts? No way!

    My question is: why don't the Chrysler Building owner(s) care one bit about those who love it? People like us keep the building ALIVE, perhaps not with our rental fees, but with our continued attention which helps to maintain the building's publicity and real estate value.

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    If you are a fan of the Chrysler Building, you MUST see the new Martin Scorsese film, "The Aviator." The Chrysler Building makes several guest appearances.

    In at least two shots -- intended to show Pan Am executive offices, it appears the Chrysler's observation deck was either used for filming, or faithfully reproduced to original detail on a sound stage. The scenes are absolutely spectacular!

    Said it before, but it bears repeating: Art Deco RULES!!!

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    Is the public allowed to enter the lobby? This is a true New York icon!

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    When I was there last year you could visit the lobby and take pictures. There's plenty of security personel that will keep an eye on you. There's also an electronic kiosk where you can look up data about the companies that have their headquarters in the Chrysler building.
    P.S. check out the door mats

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    Default Top of the Chrysler Building

    Happy New Year, everyone. I saw "The Aviator" today. The supposed headquarters of Pan Am (pre Pan Am/Met Life days) was in the top of the Chrysler Building. Although I do not know if the scenes in the movie were really shot up there, if they were, the top floors (cloud club, etc.) are exquisite. Lots of blues and golds, and of course, the triangular windows.

    P.S.....With respect to the poll, how could someone honestly give the Chrysler Building a 7???

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    Excellent pics!! Never seen those before!

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