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Thread: The Chrysler Building - 405 Lexington Avenue @ 42nd St - by William Van Alen

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC4Life View Post
    This was the same issue that arose when Dubai Ports tried to take over operations of several U.S. shipping ports, so the concern is legit.
    The collapse of the Dubai Ports World deal was the result of unjustified suspicion spreading through Congress once word got out. In fact, several departments of the US government had already approved the deal, and President Bush had promised to veto any blockage by Congress, but unfortunately the herd mentality on Capitol Hill prevailed.

    Furthermore, Dubai Ports didn't "try to take over operations." They acquired a major British shipping firm that had global operations, including a substantial presence in the U.S. The bottom line is some people in Congress don't always know what they're talking about.

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    The Dubai Ports incident involved control of sensitive facilities. Whether or not it was the correct thing to do, it's not the same security risk as owning an office building.

    What we have here in an investment consortium taking a major stake in an office building. Abu Dhabi Investment already owns a 5% stake in Citigroup - the whole company.

    Some of you are over-reacting because it's the Chrysler building.

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    They wont even be taking care of the buildings operations anyway, as stated Tishman will be doing that with the UAE company a silent partner. Its not like will be coming in under the cover of darkness and rigging the building with explosives. Frankly the idea that is being implied is slightly ridiculous.

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    There are some awkward elements like an oddly proportioned base, horizontal bands on the shaft, etc, but its redeeming features are so overwhelming and iconic that it definitely warrants a 10.

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    NY Post


    Posted: 3:50 am
    July 9, 2008

    AS of today, the majority of the iconic Chrysler Building should be in the - we expect - happy hands of the Abu Dhabi Investment Corp.

    The nearly $800 million deal, first reported by The Post on June 11, by the Middle East sovereign wealth fund included the purchase of 90 percent of the ownership stake while leaving local Tishman Speyer Properties as the manager of the 77-story tower.

    Sources tell us the secretive ADIC will also soon close on the separate purchase of the retail sections that include the dramatic Philip Johnson-designed pyramid-shaped Trylons along E. 42nd St. that's now rented to the Capital Grille steakhouse.

    That and the adjacent Citibank branch bridge the gap between the Chrysler Building and the separate Chrysler East office buildIng, which TSP will continue to own.

    All of it is on a nearly 150-year ground lease to Cooper Union, with lease payments funding full scholarships for their engineering students. TSP did not return calls seeking comment.
    A two-tower complex along the East River was just contracted to be sold by Aimco to Apollo Real Estate and Pembroke Real Estate for $174 million.
    Known as Land's End II, the lovely 26-story buildings on the Lower East Side have 490 apartments ranging from 750 to 1,500 square feet, with an average rent of around $2,000.

    But via its Housing Assistance Payment contract, all are rented to Section 8 tenants that you help support.

    Built in 1979 as part of the Two Bridges urban redevelopment program, the properties are now managed by Starrett Corp. whose principals - including Lawrence Cohen - are all members of Pembroke Real Estate.

    Related Companies and Stellar Management were among the losing bidders in the sale that was conducted by Douglas Harmon of Eastdil Secured.
    Eight or nine bids of around $1 billion were placed yesterday for the 5,881 apartments of Starrett City in Brooklyn, and Apollo was expected to be part of one group.

    Todd Trehubenko of Recap Advisors, who is running the sale, declined to discuss whether all or none of the bids topped the $1 billion mark or confirm the exact number of bidding groups, several of which include non-profits.

    "We're still sorting through but very pleased with the level of interest," Trehubenko said last night.

    The plan is to cull the pack, conduct site tours, obtain a second round of bids and have a contract signed by Labor Day.

    Donald Trump is a partner in the selling group led by Disque Deane.
    At the very first Arabian Property Awards in Dubai, Trump just took home the Lifetime Achievement Award and the award for the Best Hotel & Resort for the upcoming Trump International Hotel & Tower on Dubai's Palm Jumeriah. Nakheel, his partner in the hotel and the developer of the Palm island, was named Best Developer.

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    Hmmm, I'd love to know how the building is able to hold on to the Chrysler name after all these years. Is there some kind of binding legal agreement or is there simply a preference over the years to keep the name as Chrysler?

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    Arguably the greatest Skyscraper on the planet is now owned by the UAE.
    I like the world becoming more capitalistic, but not selling our own heart and soul in the greatest city on earth to others we taught.

    It's like we sold our soul to the devil.
    Last edited by Chrysler New Yorker; July 10th, 2008 at 10:26 AM. Reason: typo

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    Dubai builds two immitations -- but Abu Dhabi buys the original. These emirates sure are competitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonik View Post
    Dubai builds two immitations -- but Abu Dhabi buys the original. These emirates sure are competitive.
    Correction... We bought the Chrysler Building through them. The majority of $$$ in the Middle-East comes from the West buying oil. It's the greatest trasfer of wealth in human history.

    What goes around, comes around...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    Imagine if they could rename it the Abu Dhabi Investment Council Building!

    Is it safe to say that we'd all flip out and send warships to the UAE?
    If that happens, we just need to buy the Burj Dubai and give it the name of an American company.

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    Dubai builds two immitations -- but Abu Dhabi buys the original. These emirates sure are competitive.
    The debate about this building reminds me of the old David Macaulay book Unbuilding, about a Saudi prince who buys the Empire State building, dismantles it and ships it to the Middle East.

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    Too bad we couldn't get them to pick up Indymac as well.

    If you want a disturbing experience go to Site has been wiped clean of indymac's content since Friday night and now contains only an FDIC notice. This is what happens when BofA and JPM aren't buying.

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    Seems like maybe this thread needs a few photos instead of debate.

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    This building is downright magical. It's almost as if it were the home of Ming the Merciless!

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