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Thread: Average Income of Manhattanites

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    Default Average Income of Manhattanites

    Does anyone know what the average yearly income is of someone living in Manhattan?

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    From the Center For Urban Research

    The average numbers for Manhattan will not say much, you will have high income of Upper East Side vs. low income of Harlem.

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    Funny how all the way up at the tip of Manhattan, the income rises.

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    I like how Flushing Meadow is doing better than Central Park (unless I'm mistaken). On a more serious note, the map is a really nice illustration of the vast differences in wealth from just one area to the next: like the Upper East Side or Brooklyn Heights.

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    Thanks that map is exactly what I needed.

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    I've always like the idea of living in the lower east side. Is it safe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottebaum
    I've always like the idea of living in the lower east side. Is it safe?
    I think it's safe, I party down there alot, (Rivington, Stanton, etc..) Rents are relatively less expensive. Check it out.

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    Nowadays, the entire Lower East Side is very safe. My girlfriend lives on Clinton Street, she has no problems. The area is packed with bars and restuarants, so nighttime is probably safer than daytime. There's literally more pedestrian activity at midnight than midday.

    The neighborhood is no longer particularly cheap, but is reasonable for Manhattan standards.

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    The Lower East Side is fun, and there are some interesting bars and clubs. Just a few nights ago a few friends of mine and I tried to get into Meow Mix, a very happening lesbian bar whose exact location evades me; but they have a very strict no-men-unless-you-have-a-girl-with-you policy and were very politely kicked out. One of my friends grumbled about sex discrimination for the next ten minutes.

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    Meow Mix, it's the block after Kat's Deli on Houston Street. At Suffolk I think. No, I've never been there, but you pass it on the way to the Parkside Lounge on the next block. There are lots of great bars and live music venues in that area, I agree, it is fun.

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    wow, people living in central park are making like 30 grand a year ? i knew i shouldnt of given that bum my last quarter ! j/k

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