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Thread: 200 West 86th Street - Upper West Side

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    Default 200 West 86th Street - Upper West Side

    From the center of the real estate feeding frenzy: 200 West 86th.


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    ^ Another "Only in New York" saga ...

    Danny boy (aka "the Super") sounds pretty well connected ... to what I'm not sure.

    He'll probably get a TV series out of this.

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    Default Only in New York?

    1) If only in New York, then certainly pandemic in New York. You obviously haven't been watching your supers.

    2) Forget Danny Milic getting a TV series. I want to turn this into something that I can publish and then sell to HBO.

    3) ...

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    I have no doubt that similar Super Stories are true for hundreds of NY buildings.

    Both our Super and our LL are worthy of their own hapless independent film. Small budget. Cast of Unknowns. Comical / Tragical. In the Fantastical version the Tenants come out on top.

    Maybe a series ala HBO's Taxi Cab Confidential. Or a "Twilight Zone" type show, each episode focusing on a different building.

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    Default Yes, a new building each week ...

    But I'd prefer Noir to Twilight Zone.

    Which raises another issue. The majority of these supers, Danny certainly, come from countries that were still in the business of ethnic cleansing, i.e., Nazi-style genocide, within the last ten years. I don't exactly know how the INS vetted them when they first came here.

    We may be looking at the convergence of Noir and Twilight Zone.

    This increasingly seems like a decent and saleable idea, but that would put me out of the picture because it would take a large team of writers and directors to do a proper job of it. But we certainly have a critical mass of film and TV people here.

    I'd hate to see the thing turned into crime drama or a vehicle for another Law and Order. This should be about the way we live in our buildings and in our neighborhoods. That's pretty much what our life in New York is about.

    But let's start with my building, 200 West 86th, and with my super, Danny Milic. POV the driver's seat of Danny's ultra-sleek, black, Mercedes sports car, which is illegally double-parked in front of the building. A thunderstorm impends and there's near total darkness at noon. Splice-in a shot of the clouds moving ominously above the lofty rooftops of West 86th St. The camera shows a scene of aging yuppies going about their business in front of the building and on this block of West 86th St. A few younger women, nannies of the yuppies' children, are still wheeling strollers up and down the block. The camera follows one woman, still-attractive but weary of her striving existence as she nears her 40th birthday, as she carries shopping bags full of the expensive and exotic product of food stores on Amsterdam and Broadway down the street and to the doorfront of 200. We see the doorman - one of Danny's Serbian cronies - in full uniform open the door for her. Even as he holds the door open and greets her, we see him look away from her towards the camera, which is Danny's POV, to express acknowledgement of a secret understanding. The camera follows her into the building and to her elevator. The elevator reaches the lobby and the door opens slowly and with a couple of hitches. Even as she gets in we know her toilets won't flush tonight. She's fallen afoul of the super's curse!

    By the way, Danny's a member of the all-powerful supers' union. Even in the worst case, like a showing of taking kickbacks from a vendor or awarding a job to one of his cronies, neither Wallack Management nor the condo's board of directors could pry him loose from his job with a crowbar. He enjoys better job security than a tenured professor at Harvard. The Manhattan DA, Robert Morgenthau, used to send these guys to jail. That's about the only remedy for the union stranglehold.

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    My super is from South America and goes back there every six months or so "to visit family", but more likely to avoid visa infractions.

    Can you figure out who hired your pal Danny? Is that part of the co-op board's gig, or did they farm it out to the management company?

    (Clearly I'm living neither in a co-op or a doorman building, so some of those aspects of NYC life are foreign to me.)

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    Default Some aspects of life in the city are foreign to me ...

    Indeed they are. Blame the INS.

    But that's also why there would be something interesting about featuring a different building each week.

    It's one small island yet we live such different lives. Much of this can be attributed directly to the 'culture' and management of our buildings. A matter that should be a background concern in the story of our lives in this city, but isn't.

    I'd be reluctant to indict your super for his frequent visits home that keep him under the 180 rule for tourist visas. But that's just me, a caring and sympathetic soul.

    As for Danny, he was hired by the building after a search by the managing agent. But that was long ago. And, for what it's worth, we're not a coop. In theory, the board can chuck him in the case of some really egregious offense. But then there's the union and our toilets might never flush again.

    I keep thinking of that scene from Dogma, you know the Kevin Smith movie with Linda Fiorentino, Chris Rock, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (amongst others). They're in the strip joint with Salma Hayek and suddenly this really evil smelling monster appears, evil smelling because he's formed from the excrement of all the poor victims of Roman crucifixion on the hill of Golgotha.

    Yeah, that's what I think of when I think of the toilets not flushing. Morbid not?


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