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Thread: Vice City? The root of all evil?

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    Default Vice City? The root of all evil?

    There is something that inherently bothers me about this.

    I just read over at about the whole "Vice City" thing (AGAIN) and how it is responsible for so much evil in the land at large. The article linked to was from the NY Post and it is, as usual, very clear minded and well thought out (*cough*sarcasm*cough*).

    The guys at PA are a little peeved about this, and the medias hangup with blaming everything that is violent on OTHER forms of the media.

    The clincher is the end of the reply on PA. These guys went to a lot of trouble to get games and toys donated for needy kids. about $175K!!!! They donated them to hospitals and other orginizations, but NEVER GOT ANY MENTION IN THE NEWS!!! They mention a local catholic church's donation of $10K of toys, but not all the work that these guys did.

    Somehow charity is more valued if it comes from God and not from every other man.

    (PS, NY Post: )

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    Default what?

    No, just more valued if it's from people who share your opinion, or more valued when convenient.

    What's this site about, what's this post about, and what "Vice-City" thing are you talking about?

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