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Thread: The Centria - 16 West 48th Street - Rockefeller Center - Condo - by Perkins Eastman

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    Thanks for the link, it worked fine. This type of glass is something we've all seen before, it'll be alright....

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    Default Centria Tower

    Glad it worked...

    The building will have a good bit of transparency upon completion and once the garage next door is re-faced it should clean up that particular facade nicely....

    Shame building just West was not part of the renovation...Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too!


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    Thanks for the photos -- you've made a lot of people happy (hello, londonlawyer ) with the news that the crappy parking garage is going to be re-faced.

    The building to the west is nice -- classic NYC.

    Better if Duane Reade would do something about the ugly SIGN !!

    Does any major company have worse signage than Duane Reade?

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    This first picture has an aero-engine in it, complete with propeller. What's up with that?

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    note the white tank ... water / wind tests?

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    Default Centria Tower

    Mock-Up Tests...done for all new curtainwalls...

    Some more links with pics....

    Basically simulates hurricane force winds with water....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Glass
    Mock-Up Tests...done for all new curtainwalls...

    Some more links with pics....

    Basically simulates hurricane force winds with water....
    I know its common practice but is it really necessary? Im sure this fascade or one very similar has been applied to buildings throughout the country.

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    Default Centria Tower


    Yes, you are correct. At times it can be redundant to perform these tests when most of these system have been used over and over.

    Unfortunately in the ERA of lawyers, consultants, insurance and bonding companies, it comes down to CYA by everyone.

    Especially on residential towers, the State of NY, and for that matter, most states require that the test results are in the public offering statements.

    In general the principles of the curtainwalls remains the same as far as the rain screen methods, but any changes in aesthetics such as face cover dimensions, depth of walls, etc. will basically force another test.

    Again, it all goes back to CYA....but I must say that these tests do help root out some issues you may encounter in the field such as seals and means and methods of install, so they are not totally a waste.

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    Default the birds are miffed

    Mr. Glass (love it)

    I read on the thread the GM building +apple store glass box thread that there is an issue with birds? because they do not see glass, and fly into it --- is this a major issue with this structure/or any glass building. I have not heard of that being a problem untill the Apple Glass Box thread.

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    Default somewhat miffed

    From what I see, and the birds cant, I may be getting an answer on the question of the danger of glass to birds.

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    Default the birds are miffed


    Actually this is becoming an ever increasing concern with building developers and architects.

    One reason this is growing in magnitude is the increasing use of high performance glass. Both high reflective and ultra clear glass create a problem for the birds as they can no longer distinguish that they are looking at an object as they approach it and read it as open skyline, thus running right into it.

    There has been a call for the building managers to turn off the lights during the fall and spring migratory seasons at night as many birds travel via tracking the stars. With the lights turned on, coupled with the reflective glass, they cannot navigate the skyline and run into the buildings.

    The unfortunate thing is that as buildings get taller and glass quality continues to improve, there is not to much we can do about it, except stop building , and we know that will not happen.

    It is an evil price to pay for "modern progress"!

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    Default not miffed any more

    Thanks, Mr. Glass.

    That bit about the migratory season being a growing problem with tall buildings is somthing I did not know...thanks

    You may be interested in reading the thread "GM + apple". Apparantly the autobon society is funding research into a glass that is clear, yet visible, to birds.

    By the way, I was able to view that you were posting a reply: while you were wrighting it. Ill say it again-- this website is the best.

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    Default correction

    Sorry, I just re-read the thread, turns out - the Autobon is "seeking" solutions "not funding research" regarding making glass visible to birds.

    "Since 1997, New York City Audubon's Project Safe Flight has found more than 4,000 birds that have been killed or injured by flying into glass. The toll includes more than 100 species, 42 percent of which are in decline.

    New York City Audubon is raising awareness in the architecture and design community.

    We seek opportunities to work with the glass industry to develop a glass that is transparent to humans but visible to birds."

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    Default GM + Apple

    Yes, I know about the Gm + Apple project....our firm is presently redoing the lower facade of the GM building.

    Interesting about the Audubon Society working with the glass industry to produce a clear yet visible glass for the birds....I will have to keep my eye out for that....Then again, so will the birds!

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    Here's some facade installation pics courtesy of

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