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Thread: Request for Aerial Views

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    Default Request for Aerial Views

    Hey all, im a 21 year old guy from England with a serious New York passion which ive had for a long time. I hope to visit for the first time next year. Since i can remember ive always been fascinated with the City and its skyline, history and buildings.
    As a result of this im playing a game some of you may know, called Sim City 2000. In it, i am trying to created a 'sim' of New York (im doing a midtown one at the moment). I can create the buildings with an art program called the urban renewal kit. I hope i have come to the right place for aerial views of the midtown and/or some kind of 3d view/simulation, like the one of New York draining off water on this sight. are any of you actually familiar with the game and what im doing even?

    Anyway this looks like a great forum for a great and interesting topic.

    Cheers all

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Ive heared of the game.
    What part of england are you from?

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    heres alot of the UES and some UWS




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    A SimCity 2000 map might be too small for much detail, though.

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    yeah SC4000 is probly best, but i dont know if there is a building editor for that. btw, anyone find that their city-built highrises (not built manually by the player) in SC4000 tend to get rundown quickly ?

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    Hey thanks for the feedback and great pics GRNY2soon! Very helpfull. I take it some of you are familliar with what im trying to do.

    Unfortunatley i only have SC200 and the renewal kit. i think The maps are large enough if i enlarge on a small portion of midtown, Empire State to the Solow building and the start of Central park. Taking existing Building designs for New York and Editing them down to size and creating new ones. The buildings dont change much cause i use all the permanant structures like power stations and Arco's to create my blocks.

    Its very time consuming as you might imagine!

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    show us screens when your done if u can ?

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    Can i somewhere download SC400, or so? and than download your map so I can customize it too?

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    yeah if u got BT get SC4000 from Suprnova its 2 disks

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    Hey Ben returns

    I did the water draining from Midtown movie.
    It was done using a 3d digital model I created.
    I can take a view of the model and send it to you if
    you like.

    Just tell me what you need.


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    Hey man, that would be mighty decent of you! Im after a view from the brooklyn side, pretty much the same angel as the pic with the water, except wothout. That is the view im basing the simulation on, because you get nice views of the Chrysler,Metlife, Citycorp and the Rockefella and exxon buildings beyond. As you can imagine its very hard to scale it and that picture might just do the trick!

    Thanks again!

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    Here's a snapshot of the view I think you want.

    You can download the full image here:
    Let me know if this is want you need.
    I can easily change the viewpoint.
    I also did this shot with no shadows and the buildings are shown
    with lines and are not shaded. I thought this would make the clearest image for your purposes.

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    thats fantastic!

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    That is a fantastic view and just about nails the image im going for! Thanks very much! That one is saved to my hardrive for reference. When its done i'll show you the views as requested.
    Just Rich - If the viewpoint is indeed a doddle to change and no need to bother if it will cause you any probs - Id love a view of this a little bit further up towards central park? Like, i said that view just about nails it and Im prob just being greedy! You were right however, the non - shaded blocks provide the best blueprint for my little 'project'. Thanks!

    Im planning on covering the area from The ESB to half way up the Park, including as many of the dominant structures as i can fit in (i have to be a tad economic with the tiles i have to play and plan with).

    Thanks for everyones input and great views from Just Rich and GNRNYsoon.

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    Actually, forget the request for a different view Just Rich, I have downloaded the full image from your site and it is perfect! The exact angle im after!


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