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Thread: Bob Villa's Brooklyn Project

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    Default Bob Villa's Brooklyn Project

    Anybody been watching this? I heard he was renovating a building down in Dumbo, and it seems the episode's are showing now. I haven't gotten a chance to see it.

    FYI, Home Again shows Sunday mornings at 6 am on WCBS (channel 2) in NYC. That's definately one for the VCR patrol.

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    So did you see or tape it?

    These projects are almost always complete before the progams begin airing. Sounds like a good photo project; I'll foray out when the mercury cracks freezing. Or maybe Gulcrapek?

    Bob Villa irks me...just a little, but I always liked the carpenter on the old show, Norm Abram. Maybe because grandpa was a cabinet maker, who only passed a few skills to me.

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    What building was it?

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    It's the little building right across from Jacques Torres and next to the soon-be-be massive shopping/cultural complex (now old warhouse).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek
    What building was it?
    It's on Water St. if you follow the link in my original post, there's a photo of it.

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