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Thread: WTC Memorial - by Michael Arad (Architect) and Peter Walker (Landscape)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordica View Post
    Dave, Apparently building two concrete pools is DIFFICULT.
    Um, what the hell are you talking about?

    If you mean building two $500M concrete pools with "automatic vertical cascading aeration systems" is difficult, then you are right.

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    New York Daily News
    August 16, 2006

    WTC construction gets rolling


    E.E. Cruz construction crews prepare to build the foundation for the World Trade Center Memorial.

    Big rigs began another big dig yesterday at Ground Zero.

    Heavy equipment was rolled down into The Pit by E.E. Cruz & Co. as the New Jersey contractor prepared to build the foundation for the World Trade Center Memorial.

    By mid-morning, a pair of loaders and an excavator on treads were crisscrossing the southwest corner of the WTC site in a beep-beeping ballet.

    The machines lifted trailer-length pieces of steel off an 18-wheeler and pushed debris to the sideline. Mammoth timbers were snapped in half by the long-clawed excavator to be hauled away.

    "All our people are very ecstatic that they're going to be in on this project," Edward Cruz, president of E.E. Cruz, told the Daily News.

    Recalling that the company provided equipment and other services during the post-9/11 cleanup of the site, Cruz added, "It's great to be back to make something positive."

    The digging of the foundation for the Freedom Tower, the 1,776-foot office tower planned just north of the memorial site, began in April and will include occasional rock-loosening blasts.

    Yesterday's work on the memorial kicked off a $17 million phase of construction, following several weeks of site preparation begun on March 13.

    With high-powered drills and more blasting, Cruz hardhats will excavate a series of cubes, as deep as 10 feet in Ground Zero's rocky floor, in which the memorial's support structure will be set.

    Plans call for the WTC Memorial and the Memorial Museum, recently scaled back to meet a $500 million budget, to be completed for an opening on Sept. 11, 2009.

    Two sunken pools will mark where the twin towers stood. The complex will also feature a street-level plaza and underground exhibition halls.

    The WTC Memorial Foundation still must raise another $170 million for the project.

    © 2006 Daily News, L.P.

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    Finally. No more politics, lets just build.

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    The Tribute to Light will be like last year-1 night set up near Murray st

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    Ninja, I realize my last post was snappish. "Difficult" it what makes things interesting-it shouldn't be used as an excuse.

    At the end of the open pedestrian mall in downtown Burlington,VT, there's a rectangular pool flanked by two walls that cascade water into the pool. I expect there were problems, but they got 'er done.

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    AM New York
    August 18, 2006

    Jets donate $300,000 in ad time for WTC campaign

    The Associated Press

    Former New York Jets stars Vinny Testaverde and Wayne Chrebet will appear in fundraising ads for the proposed World Trade Center memorial honoring victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, the team and the WTC Memorial Foundation announced Friday.

    The ads will air during eight 30-second television spots and 60 one-minute radio spots during pre-game, in-game and post-game broadcasts in August, September and October; more than $300,000 in free advertising time donated by the Jets.

    "Just as our nation and city came together as one to recover from the attacks, we must unite on the fifth anniversary and resolve to build a fitting, permanent memorial," said Jets Owner Woody Johnson, a member of the foundation's board of directors.

    The team is also donating items for fundraising raffles during numerous football viewing parties set for opening day of the NFL season, Sept. 10.

    The foundation is in the midst of a national campaign to raise the remaining $170 million needed to plan and build the memorial and museum. It has raised more than $131 million from a variety of sources throughout the country and world.

    The "Reflecting Absence" memorial design marks the twin towers with reflecting pools surrounded by trees and names of 2,749 victims killed in the attacks.

    Copyright 2006 AM New York

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    Default Sensible alternate memorial designs victims' families like

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    No one in that groundbreaking photo looks happy.

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    You're kidding \/ right?

    A possible site plan:

    The WTC Towers Memorial plan ( viewed from the west.
    The two new towers are east of (behind) the footprint memorials.
    There can be five or more memorial areas: the area at the front right of the picture
    behind the curved wall, the two original footprints, and possibly smaller memorials in each tower.
    The West Side Highway is at the front.

    For other site plans click on "Site plans compared" on the home page.

    Proposed outdoor memorials:

    The North Memorial (center) has replicated and restored wall sections.
    The proposed outdoor South Memorial (right) has only original wall sections (significantly restored).
    (Some family members prefer both memorials entirely with original wall sections.)
    The granite walls with the names of the deceased are not shown in this photo.

    The memorial interiors and other buildings are subject to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordica View Post
    No one in that groundbreaking photo looks happy.
    After a war with no winners . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMac View Post

    7 is looking sweet in that photo.

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    I did not know that it had filed the site on “TOP OF THE WORDL TRADE CENTER”. Veiled the bond of the file:

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    to find on “video google” :

    Building the World Trade Center (1983) - Documentary :
    Building the World Trade Center Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (1983) 18 minutes

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    AM New York
    August 28, 2006

    'WTC' movie donates $1.3M to 9/11 memorial

    The Associated Press

    The producers of "World Trade Center" are donating $1.3 million to the Sept. 11 memorial, keeping a promise to donate 5 percent of its opening weekend box receipts, the memorial foundation said Monday.

    An additional $1.3 million will be split equally between three other Sept. 11-related charities.

    The Paramount Pictures film, starring Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena as two Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officers trapped for hours in the trade center rubble, opened nationwide on Aug. 9 and has earned more than $50 million at the box office so far.

    The film's producers had promised the donation from its Aug. 9-13 box office proceeds.

    The donation gives the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation a total of $132.3 million in private donations for a memorial budgeted at over $650 million. The foundation is expected to raise $300 million of the total; the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the trade center, and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. rebuilding agency are covering the rest of the costs.

    Construction on the memorial began this year and officials say it will open in 2009.

    The other charities to split donations from the film are Tuesday's Children, a services organization for children who lost parents on Sept. 11; the Tribute WTC Visitor Center, created by a Sept. 11 family group and set to open next week across the street from ground zero; and the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund.


    On the Net:

    World Trade Center movie:

    Memorial Foundation:

    Copyright 2006 AM New York

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