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  • Edwards

    3 11.11%
  • Kerry

    12 44.44%
  • Dean

    2 7.41%
  • Clark

    6 22.22%
  • Kucinich

    0 0%
  • Sharpton

    0 0%
  • Lieberman

    0 0%
  • Bush

    4 14.81%
  • Other

    0 0%
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Thread: an early election poll of the WiredNY community

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    Default an early election poll of the WiredNY community

    An early poll, just out of curiosity. Let me know if I need to add anyone or if I spelled anyone's name wrong.

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    looks like the full roster of Snow W. and the seven dwarves. It'll get shorter fast but probably not as fast as everyone thought last week.

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    I voted Kerry, for now. So far he seems much more down to earth and reasonable than any of the others, and I'm convinced he would do his best to reverse the damage Bush has done to the country.

    I may change my mind in the future, as I don't know enough about Edwards or Clark.

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    I voted for Kerry, as well. I've been rooting for him for about two years now. I was favoring Clark as a VP candidate, but now feel Edwards would be stronger. The biggest complaint against Kerry is his lack of warmth and the biggest complaint against Edwards is his lack of experience, so they really compliment each other.

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    I'm a Dean supported, who would be equally comfortable with Edwards. Kerry is a party hack. Clark is not a democrat. Lieberman puts me to sleep.

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    I like Clark. Kerry is good but his past is too left-leaning, the exact same problem with Dean. Kerry's only saving grace is his military record, which is checkered with lefty contradictions as well. He is too stoic also...Bush, while an idealist mental-midget IMHO, is likable and has that "good buddy" feel to him. Kerry comes off as aloof.

    That's why I like Clark. His military past puts any right-bias in national security to rest. He is also a charismatic guy, probably the most along with Edwards.

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    I have put aside any consideration of particular issues. My expectation for this primary process is to find the candidate with the best chance of defeating Bush. The candidates stress particular programs and agendas, but this is just to accentuate differences among them. How many campaign promises actually get enacted?

    Bush is taking the country in a direction I don't like, and the Democratic candidates want to take it in another direction. So who's electable?

    Lieberman is fading out of the picture.

    Clark is an intelligent person, but he is unbelievable as a Democrat. He has made too many inconsistent statements, and his "I was a general and Kerry a lieutenant" remark was just dumb.

    Dean has his big antiwar from the beginning stance, and though it may be correct, is not going to play well in conservative parts of the country. And I can just see his Iowa Speech as a Republican ad.

    I was watching a TV discussion a few days after the Iowa Caucus, and a political analyst (forget his name) said that Edwards is the perfect TV candidate, his Iowa speech was everything that Dean's wasn't.

    Kerry has been wooden in the past, but that may have changed. He was interviewed on 60 Minutes yesterday, and I have never seen him better. His military background will blunt any patriotic posturing by Bush. Being a liberal from New England will make it tough in the south.

    I voted for Kerry. A good scenario would be for Kerry to win this early, and ticket with Edwards, who could help in the south. But things are still tight.

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    I voted Kerry. Whether he is labelled too far left or not, he can talk extensively and intelligently about almost any topic due to his enormous experience. He would bitch-slap George W. Bush in a debate, that I look forward to. His combination of Vietnam War hero and protestor speaks of higher moral virtues. Personally I don't buy the attempt to label him as "too far left", he's a Democrat, and as a Democrat I don't think he's too far anything. Certainly he's not the extremist that George Bush is. The more I see this guy, the more impressive he is.

    I like Edwards too, and if he doesn't get the nomination I'm sure we'll hear from him again in the future. I wonder if he can put any of the southern states in the Democrat's column in November. If so, that alone could give him my vote since it's all about firing George Bush.

    I appreciate Dean for having the balls to speak out against the current administration when everyone else had their heads up their ass. He also has encouraged a lot of young people to become engaged in politics and talk about important issues. But he is now in the Republican's crosshairs, and I'm pretty sure it will be relentless for him until the end. I'm not sure the general population can overcome such demonization.

    Clark is sort of a wildcard - I like him, then don't, then do.....if the party rallies around him, so will I.

    I like Lieberman, he's a decent guy who is highly regarded on both sides of the aisle, but the country won't elect him, so that settles it.

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    I could not agree with you more, Zippy. And I appreciate NYatKnight's thoughtful perspective.

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    Its funny how quickly things swing in this primary. Well, we'll see once things really get rolling.

    If you think Kerry is going to "kill" Bush in a debate, I would think again...its all about perception. Kerry has no credentials as an outsider or maverick like Clark or Dean and he doesn't have the venom and quick-wit necessary to take Bushie down.

    Clark has been portrayed as a non-democrat truthfully...but if you listen to what he says on the issues, he is one. He is a moderate really, the only kind of democrat that will get elected in today's climate. Hell, if Michael Moore supports him, that should be enough lefty support for anyone.

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    Using venom may not be a good approach against Bush, since he is still popular. You want to shine the flashlight at him, not hit him over the head with it - although the mental image is comically pleasing.

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    Still only 13 votes out of 1,029 members? What an apathetic group!

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    No kidding. It's pretty sad that you can get more opinions about where to buy the best hot dog than who should be the next President.

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    It's the forum basement. Very few visit here; most go upstairs. I should turn off the hot water.

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    Kerry is just as unelectable as Dean IMO. Do not underestimate the deep seated mistrust of Mass. democrats in other parts of this country. Only Clark or Edwards has a chance IMO.

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