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Thread: Alex Rodriguez (The A-Rod thread)

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    It would be a pleasant story-line for him to redeem himself with a strong year and a seriously contrite attitude but I wouldn't take that bet.

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    Still, I find myself rooting for him. I guess I am a little sick that way.

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    The Education of Alex Rodriguez

    "More often than not, the mention of Alex Rodriguez in polite company triggers one of a spectrum of deeply conditioned responses. Pained ugh. Guttural groan. Exaggerated eye roll. Hundreds of baseball players have been caught using steroids, including some of the game's best-known and most beloved names, but somehow Alex Rodriguez has become the steroid era's Lord Voldemort. Ryan Braun? Won an MVP, got busted for steroids, twice, called the tester an anti-Semite, lied his testes off, made chumps of his best friends, including Aaron Rodgers, and still doesn't inspire a scintilla of the ill will that follows Rodriguez around like a nuclear cloud."

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    Arod looks like Arod again. The long rest did him good.

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    660 is still amazing, not bad for a washed up "disgrace". I am enjoying this comeback.

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    Being 4th in something doesn't normally merit much if any talk at all. I think the Babe is safe enough in 3rd.

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    It's not a record, not even a plateau, like 500, 600, 700. Some TV commentary acknowledged this ahead of the event, yet they contradicted themselves and made a huge deal about it when it happened.

    A have no use for ARod. It's not because he took drugs. It wasn't a crime, and he paid for it. He wasn't the first, and won't be the last.

    It's not because of the "integrity of baseball," that he cheated. We shouldn't expect athletes to be role models because of their skills. Some athletes are role models, but they earn that respect they same way everyone else does.

    It's because he accused others of wrongdoing, especially Michael Weiner. He owed Weiner's family a public apology, but there was none of it in his cutsie handwritten 6th grade composition. The slanted script was a nice touch; I wonder who thought it up.

    That he's come back at 40 after over a year layoff and can play at a reasonably high level is testament to the stupidity of his steroid use. A classic narcissist, to me he's just one of 25. If he helps them win, fine. If he's here next year or not, who cares. I'm not paying him.

    From a baseball standpoint, I'll say one thing about the 660th HR that seems to have been overlooked by the media. As a Yankee fan, I couldn't have picked a better place than Fenway. The booing was sustained throughout the at-bat. ARod acknowledged it was the only time in his career that he could not tune it out.

    He was 0-6 on Wednesday, with 4 strikeouts. Career 1-19 as a pinch hitter. A screaming line drive that was measured 117 mph off the bat. And a game winner.

    What happened from that point to the end was something I don't recall ever seeing in a Yankee-Red Sox game with the issue still in doubt - many people headed for the exits. ARod emptied Fenway. I had to laugh. I guess all that fan bile generated during the at-bat had nowhere to go except outside.

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    ARod has had, especially last year, a crappy attitude and lousy judgement. His lawsuit against the Players Union and his treatment of Michael Weiner was a low point, stupid even for a player who has so little common sense, and undoubtedly turned many fans, including you, off (probably) forever.

    I tune a lot of BS out in my life. Baseball is my chief distraction, and I am a Yankee's addict. ARod got horrible advice from his equally tactless friends who encouraged him to pursue his scorched earth policy, but he didn't question it, all the more evidence the disconnect between his talent and his personality. I haven't forgotten that. Just watching the games.

    I disagree that passing Willie Mays wasn't a big deal though. It was Willie Mays. If it had been Mattingly or Jeter passing Willie Mays on an important all-time list, the hoopla would have been over-the-top.

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    I didn't think Jeter passing Lou Gehrig (it's Lou Gehrig) was such a big deal. Not like 3000 hits.

    When Hank Aaron passed Mays, it was a big deal, because at the time, there were a handful of icons in the 500s, and one guy way out there at 714. Only Mays at over 600 was even somewhat close. It may have been the biggest #2 in all baseball.

    Now you've got the likes of Sosa, McGwire, Palmiero in the mix.

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    Gehrig isn't famous for his 2721 hits, which was a team record not an all-time mlb mark.

    ARod is indeed keeping company with Sosa, McGwire, and Palmiero for all the wrong reasons, but on the all-time HR list he sits between Mays and the Babe. Not bad, even if the achievement is tainted.

    So here's a question: What if guys like ARod and Bonds never touched PEDs? Would Bonds have hit over 600 anyway? I guess we will never know. If half of his HRs after 1999 are attributable to juice, that would still give him 600+. But of course the steroids were also extending his career.

    ARod is maybe trickier to estimate. If he began using after signed with Texas -- and we'd have to take his word for it (Danger, Will Robinson!) -- then all of those monster years are fakey, but he probably could have had several 40+ years anyway. There is also the strong possibility that the extended use of steroids from his mid-20s on led to tissue degeneration in his hips.

    See, with ARod baseball is always more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishInNYC View Post
    Being 4th in something doesn't normally merit much if any talk at all. I think the Babe is safe enough in 3rd.
    Really? Considering the totality of the history of baseball, and the tens of thousands of people who have played at this level, 4th isn't too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    It's because he accused others of wrongdoing, especially Michael Weiner. He owed Weiner's family a public apology, but there was none of it in his cutsie handwritten 6th grade composition. The slanted script was a nice touch; I wonder who thought it up.
    It is a good point and one that we consistently overlook in cases such as these. It is the same issue I have with Ryan Braun, who accused his specimen collector of mishandling his specimen, and Tom Brady who, by not accepting accountability for directing the locker room staff to deflate the balls, is at least somewhat responsible for the indefinite suspension of the two equipment managers who appear to have done so.

    Athletes and the media treat these people as collateral damage, but they do not have tens of millions of dollars to fall back on when punishments such as these are doled out. They need to make a living. They are the real victims here.

    Assistant equipment manager John Jastremski and officials’ locker room attendant James “the deflator” McNally were suspended indefinitely without pay by the Patriots on May 6, the league announced along with the Brady suspension Monday. They cannot be reinstated without the approval of NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent.

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