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Thread: Frankfurt skyline

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    Default Frankfurt skyline

    Here is the skyline of Frankfurt/Main,
    named " Mainhattan " :wink:

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    Looks good, but trust me, Frankfurt is so fake. You get a very good impression of Frankfurt approaching the airport from east. They have about five towers and then there is just forrest. They have a beautiful old downtown scenery but those towers and the word 'Mainhattan' are so fake. :lol:


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    So is it ! Its a good picture but a big fake. When you stay one day
    in new york you know it. The word mainhattan is embarrassing
    for me. Small town with big name. I live only 70 km south
    and know this.:wink:

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    Default "Mainhattan" what the heck?

    Sounds cool to me. Office towers, historic downtown and forest in one area, I love how diverse that sounds. But why would an independent successful city like that in another country want to coin a name similar to Manhattan? That just doesn't make sense to me.

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    It's a pun on the fact that it has skyscrapers and it"s on the river Main (hence Frankfurt am Main). Mainhattan, ja, funny!
    It's a beautiful city (compared to anything here...) but the skyscrapers do make it strangely soulless and it sits uncomfortably in its European setting.

    Some pics from Offenbach, in its suburbs.

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