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Thread: Proposed: 80 South Street - Lower Manhattan

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    ^ That really needs to be built right now. But of course it's almost certain that the worst-looking and shortest proposal will be picked and approved if anything at all.

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    I'm not loving it.

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    It looks interesting.

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    I can't look at these anymore...the let down when it's never heard from again will be too awful to bear.

    Tower Verre was the first heartbreak, this is gorgeous and surely far too progressive for 90% of the developers out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    The only design for the site I've seen that could rival Calatrava's. This would go well with ShoP's Pier 17 proposal.
    That won't be built. It's too creative for NYC. It's too eye-catching and will attract attention in the neighborhood. It's too tall and will block all the light. It's too modern. It looks too nice. Only short non-descript boxes allowed.

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    Thumbs up ^Interesting

    I actually like that better than Calatrava's design. Im tired of cubes.

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    That sure is beautiful, which just means it won't get built.

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    The architecture company is very small if i remember correctly, which leads me to believe they are not really involved in the project.

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    Right. I think Sciame held a design competition to explore other concepts besides the Calatrava tower.

    I think this and the other renderings recently posted are from this.

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    Thumbs down Really?

    It ain't no Calatrava:

    Morali Architects Conceptual 3D Skyscrapers

    In this image, we're getting an idea of how our concept for 80 South fits in not just with the immediate buildings, but with all of the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers.

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    It's like the original Calatrava design filtered through Gene Kaufman! So stylish and sexy!


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    According to SSC, something kind of nutty looking is proposed for this site.

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    July 10, 2012

    Towering Gardens of South Street Planned for Seaport

    By Dave Hogarty

    In this view, we see how a concept for 80 South Street would look in relation to the existing Pier 17.

    This shows how the concept would look from the FDR, and in relation to the Brooklyn Bridge

    In this image, we're getting an idea of how our concept for 80 South fits in not just with the immediate buildings, but with all of the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers.

    This image by architect Yulia Shao gives you a a feeling of what 80 South Street's Green Terraces will be like. These open spaces will be home to large, vertical living walls, and offer stunning views of Brooklyn and beyond. These Green Terraces are Manhattan's own Hanging Gardens, and provide a tranquil oasis space in Lower Manhattan. They're also a nice green counterpart to the green of the Brooklyn Bridge park, which you see across the river.

    Something's afoot at 80 South Street, defunct home of Santiago Calatrava's Tower o' Penthouses, which died a long drawn-out death. Plans are in the works to build a 300,000-square-foot, 780-foot-tall tower on the site that could be a mix of hotel, residential, and community space. Cord Meyer Development is the owner of the property and currently working out the specifics of air rights it has purchased over the years, and whether one half (150K square feet) of residential building will be allowed. Morali Architects has been posting renderings on its Facebook page along with notes on a planned mixed-use tower for the address. Early thoughts on what's in store with the new designs: a high-tech garage on the first three levels to equal the height of the elevated FDR drive; above that a small museum highlighting the history of FiDi and the Seaport; and a restaurant and spa befitting a 200-room boutique hotel. Other eco-conscious elements of the building include cascading gardens throughout the segmented facade, a heat pump to be installed when caissons are sunk as part of the foundation, and a building skin made of photovoltaic glass.

    Architect Anthony Morali recently went to Mexico to investigate the use of open hanging gardens in architecture. And although the present renderings may not fully reflect it, Morali intends to design a segmented, green-walled building, with a facade that will open every 15 stories or so in a cascading effect. Morali's tower would be a vertical counterpart to the horizontal green roof hotel and condos being developed across the East River by Toll Bros. and Starwood at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    Nothing concrete can get started at 80 South Street until approvals from the City Planning Commission and the Dept. of Buildings are gained, something that Anthony Colletti of Cord Meyer believes could take as long as a year, and certainly not before the end of 2012.

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    A good companion to the Verizon Building

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