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Thread: United States Mission to U.N. - 1st Ave @ West 45th - by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    I agree.

    Also, a country that's so hated that it requires a fortress for a consulate should really re-think its foreign policy.
    On its own soil at that. Maybe they fear at attack by New Yorkers? Or Spider-Man? Who knows?

    2 UN is great and this whole thing is just architectural murder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    Maybe they fear at attack by New Yorkers? Or Spider-Man?
    Neither of the above.

    (Not like it hasn't already happened, Jake.)

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    A lecture on this kind of building project is forthcoming.

    Or if you just want to throw eggs at David Childs.

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    To be honest, I don't see what the security features of this building are that make you think it is somehow a manifestation of fear.

    They're running a special this month.

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    Default it is pretty ugly

    I have to confess this building looks like it will turn out to be pretty ugly.

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    this place is screaming for a neon verizon sign

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    Keep all the cranes on and never take them off or stick one on the top. That way no one will know its a completed building and pass it off as a skyscraper core.

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    Default What they could have done

    They could have put fake windows with a concrete wall behind it. At least that way it would be more human.

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    They should have built a, underground bunker instead of the skyscraper equivalent of NORAD.

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    Default All your safety are belong to us!1

    The scary thing is that it will seem extraordinarily prescient if freedom and democracy hating terrorists ever bomb the place. It's like they're planning for an inevitable Reichstag fire. With this kind of preparation, don't be surprised by the stormtroopers.

    Come to think of it, maybe this lookout tower needs some Banksy sprucing up.

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    Good thing the government didn't have this mentality in the 18th, 19th, and for most of the 20th centuries. Imagine, if you will, the U.S. Capitol if it were built today.

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    When you have a republic with the power vested in the people, open communal public architecture is the norm. When you have secretive cloistered power, rulers, masters, and oppressors of the people you have fortresses.

    Interesting to note that during the past centuries, guns, gunpowder, cannons, dynamite, swords, daggers and the like were far more prevalent and easily acquired than they are today -- and yet the architecture was deferential to the rights of the individual citizen.

    The civic attitude has been replaced by a corporate attitude. Government Corp. owns all the property and administers it with it's employees, directors, shareholders etc. It can even be seen creeping into the language. Peace officers and public servants have become law enforcement and the authorities - and if we're not on the payroll of Gov. Corp. then we're merely civilians.

    I can only hope that this monstrous and offensive building is in some way a snide commentary, a bit of architectural satire that exaggerates out of all proportion to illustrate its absurdity. I fear though, this is the frankenstein creation of an out of control security bureaucracy driven by fear, suspicion and distrust of a free and open society.

    God help us.
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    Watch, thirty years from now, when the Feds announce their intention to sell this building (and the site) off to a developer to build a condo tower, the Eastsiders will try to petition to get this landmarked because of its "historical significance" in epitomizing and the architectural response to the fears of the post 9/11 era.

    I can totally see that happening.

    So it's conceivable that what you are looking at is the making of a future landmark.

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    I think this building is a joke.

    I think it's a noble effort to build the mission a new building because the US should really acknowledge the fact that those people do more for America's soft power than all the weapons deals and aid going to questionable destinations.

    However, the idea of putting something as openly militaristic across the street from the entrance to the UN (and in fact yards away from where many diplomats stay) does NOTHING for us other than make us appear like the imperialistic hegemon that all the maniacs make us out to be.

    I don't know who has ultimate authority over these decisions but as I am at the UN quite a bit I'll tell you that the US will never reach the reputation of Canada or the Scandinavian countries because those missions give a little bit of money to improve the UN building and it really goes a long way.

    This building simply stands against everything that diplomacy is and will forever be a poignant reminder of everything that the US should not want to appear to be.

    Diplomats and staff at the UN are neither impressed, nor scared of this kind of bullshit which is why I find this design at least redundant and at most highly counterproductive.

    It doesn't even have anything to make the work of US staff easier as it obviously lacks both views and spacious floors.

    I agree with antinimby that this will surely be a landmark. The only use I can think of is to turn the roof turret into some kind of astronomical observatory.

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