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Thread: Visionaire - 70 Little West Street - Downtown - Condo - by Pelli Clarke Pelli

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    Commercial Real Estate News

    By Lois Weiss

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - The Albanese Organization beat out four other proposers to be designated to construct a green residential building in Battery Park City. The tower will go on Site 3 between First and Second Place and Battery Place and Little West Street. The 20,000 sf site can be constructed to 423,200 sf and must include 40,000 sf for the Battery Park Conservancy and another 4,000 sf of retail space. This is the third green project that Albanese will construct in BPC. The first two are the Solaire and the Verdesian.

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    Excavation at 1 River Terrace.
    Teardrop Park, in the background, will extend into the "U"

    Heliostats atop the Verdesian.

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    it look like's milstein properties are developing the last site in battery park city
    Battery Park City sites clinch Milsteins’ W.T.C. deal
    By Josh Rogers
    Milstein Properties made a deal last week that officials hope will speed the development of the World Trade Center site and Battery Park City.
    The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation agreed to buy the lot across the street from the World Trade Center site from Milstein for $59 million. Under the deal, Milstein has the exclusive right to negotiate for the rights to develop the remaining two residential sites in Battery Park City – Sites 23 and 24 at the west end of the neighborhood’s ballfields [see map below].
    The Milstein site at Liberty and West Sts. is part of the W.T.C. site plan and will be converted to a park with an underground ramp system for vehicles entering the trade center complex.
    The L.M.D.C. had been threatening to take the property over through eminent domain. Stefan Pryor, L.M.D.C. president, said the deal avoids a potentially lengthy legal battle with the Milstein family. The family also agreed to donate $500,000 for a park in Lower Manhattan in honor of Paul Milstein, head of the real estate firm. George Arzt, spokesperson for Milstein, said it will be a new park or plaza somewhere Downtown.
    The L.M.D.C. approached the Battery Park City Authority several months ago about entering into the deal, said Tim Carey, president and C.E.O. of the B.P.C.A. A few years ago, the Port Authority, owners of the W.T.C., and the L.M.D.C. inquired about a straight land swap of a Battery Park City site for the Milstein Liberty St. lot, but the talks did not advance much further, said Carey. He said if all goes well on negotiations for the neighborhood’s last two residential sites, it will mean construction will begin one year from now, six months faster then it would have otherwise.
    “It’s certainly a way to save time,” said Carey. “It’s advantageous to both sides.”
    Carey expects to begin negotiating with the Milsteins soon. The two buildings will have 540 apartments and be connected by a two-story, 45,000-square-foot community recreation center with a pool and gymnasium.
    The deal obligates the authority to negotiate in good faith with the Milsteins, who built three buildings in the neighborhood’s south section prior to the B.P.C.A.’s environmental guidelines. Those include energy and water conservation features and some use of solar power. The B.P.C.A. has awarded development rights for several lots recently and Carey said if the Milsteins don’t offer fair market value for the sites, the authority will be able to begin a request for proposal process open to all developers.
    He said with the neighborhood’s housing market hot, it is good to fast track the project. He said Millennium Partners has already sold over half the luxury condos it is building across from the Ritz-Carlton in B.P.C. and completion of the building is still more than a year away.
    The L.M.D.C. board has previously approved $44 million to buy the Milstein site and has also set aside an additional $20 million that must be approved by the board.
    Once the sale is complete, the L.M.D.C. will own two parcels on Liberty St., the other being the Deutsche Bank building. The agency was set up to oversee rebuilding and help with Downtown’s economic recovery and is expected to disband at some point in the future. Meanwhile, the Port Authority owns the land that will have the W.T.C. memorial and cultural buildings. The L.M.D.C. properties may become part of negotiations over the W.T.C. memorial/cultural land. The WTC Memorial Foundation, which works closely with the L.M.D.C. both figuratively and literally, will own the memorial and cultural buildings and is currently raising money to help build them.
    For the Milsteins, the Liberty St. site is their second Lower Manhattan property to withstand an eminent domain threat. The family has fought with residents and the city for years over 250 Water St., a parking lot Milstein Properties owns in the South Street Seaport Historic District. All but one of their development plans for the site have been rejected by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the one that passed a decade ago never went forward because the office real estate market tanked. When the city pledged to build a new school on Downtown’s east side last year, there was talk of taking over 250 Water St. for the school, but the city made a deal to build it on Beekman St. instead.
    Arzt, Milstein’s spokesperson, said the two cases are not related and the family understood the added importance of making a deal at Liberty St. “Two-fifty Water St. was always controversial with the community board, and in this case we all recognized this was hallowed ground,” he said.

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    1 River Terrace


    Is that a passageway through the middle of the building?

    View of 1 River Terrace from the Interior Courtyard

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    January 11, 2006

    A new building designed by Cesar and Rafael Pelli is going up in lower Manhattan, overlooking the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

    Christopher Albanese, principal of the developer the Albanese Organization, said this 35-story, 250-unit building at 200 Little West St. will be "all green" in keeping with Battery Park City development rules.

    "It's a unique, sleek Pelli design," Albanese said.

    He expects the sales office to open in late spring, with the building completed by the end of 2007.

    Albanese has also been hired as the developer for the 45-story condo we first told you about at 15 William St. whose owners, SDS Investments and Zar Realty, recently brought in Andre Balazs for design work.

    Copyright 2006 NYP Holdings, Inc.

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    one river terrace is really ugly...but i like the curved one...

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    I hope the glass is nice. The design is kind of similar to Davis Brody Bond's building in the 20s somewhere.

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    Looks like the new Goldman Sachs shape-wise, and that's NOT something to be proud of.

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    I really like Battery Park City. I know it´s always knocked but I think they´ve done a nice job with their building guide-lines (no open-drawer style exposed floor plates etc.).The place looks classy... maybe too perfect and squeaky-clean for my taste... but I admire it...and I think it´s going to age gracefully.

    I see that Zippy lives there. Could you give us your opnion of the place.

    (if this is stuff for another thread....sorry)

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    The architecture is bland, a notable exception is the Jewish museum now that the addition and landscaping are complete. However, the built environment is pleasing, due to the design guidelines that mandate stone facades on the first two floors. You won't buildings like 2 Gold or 10 Liberty in BPC. Surprisingly, the worst residential building in regard to materials is the upscale Ritz Carlton. The brickwork looks a little cheap.

    The small parks are well integrated into the neighborhood, maintained to a higher level than NYC parks, thanks to greater funding.

    I had hoped that Goldman Sachs would bring one skyscraper of great design into the neighborhood, but it's not to be. It's good to get the jobs though.

    The neighborhood has evolved well, changing from the first-envisioned yuppie enclave to a more diverse community. It was at its best just before 09/11. Workers discovered the place, and during the week (especially on Thursday evenings), they gave the neighborhood the required density. On weekends, you could still relax by the river, and hardly know you were on Manhattan.

    With the loss of tens of thousands of workers, that environment has pulled back somewhat - which is why the WTC site development is so important to me. There is an element in the community that wants to keep the area isolated, but I think that vision is in the minority.

    The restaurants are mediocre at best, but Tribeca is close by. Night life is non-existent, and I don't think that will change. Hopefully, it will happen across West St.

    The weather extremes that dictate activity in the rest of the city are magnified here. Summers are glorious, but a windy day in February can be brutal.

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    Does anyone have a rendering of the Milstein Site? Have they started moving any dirt?

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    Has a building been proposed? I wasn't aware of it.

    On the photo I posted, the white shed in the right background is on site 24. I think it is being used as staging for the malls construction on North End Ave. Other than that, there is nothing going on there.

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    not sure....I was reading the article posted on this thread and it was dated september...thought something might have started down there. I havent heard anything else. I heard the Verdesian (Albanese Site 18b) just opened up across the street. Definitely gonna have to get down there to look. I find it interested yet bland that all the buildings have the same basic massing, design and architectural features. The air quality in the Solaire is unbelievable. It reminds me of like hospital where they continuously replace air to avod the spread of Germs. The blackwater system is also incredible...its literally a self-contained sewage treatment plant located in the cellar next to the parking.

    Is there going to be a logistics problem down there? Goldman Sachs building, Site 16/17, and Site 23/24 all within a block of each other in battery park city....Murray and warren street are pretty narrow and difficult to access via the west side highway (if you are a commercial vehicle). not to mention the lack of space to put construction HQ's.

    Sorry...just got to rambling.

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    Site 26 has plenty of room. Murray and Vesey are 4 lane streets with little traffic. They also have a strip of land from the property line to the bikeway.

    With the Verdesian coming on line and another tower half-way up on site 2, I don't think anything is going to happen on 23/24 until 16/17 is well under way. That's the site that was pushed because it's getting the library.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp
    Site 26 has plenty of room. Murray and Vesey are 4 lane streets with little traffic. They also have a strip of land from the property line to the bikeway.

    With the Verdesian coming on line and another tower half-way up on site 2, I don't think anything is going to happen on 23/24 until 16/17 is well under way. That's the site that was pushed because it's getting the library.
    Thats still a lot of logistical nightmares. Site 26 is 1mm+ SF, Site 23/24 has to be 500,000 SF + and Site 16/17 has to be 400,000 SF +. Now through in you have to mix steel guys (site 26) with construction guys (sites 16/17, 23/24).....not to mention that there has to be 4,000 + residents, two schools (ps 86 across the street from site 23/24) Im sure the residents of BPC arent going to have a fun time with four years of constant construction workers and construction vehicles coming into and out of one concentrated area. The pile driving should be fun.

    Why would the verdesian and Site 2A have any impact on Site 23/24? Wasnt site 16/17 delayed a few months due to financing issues?

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