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Thread: Concrete form of living along Gowanus Canal

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    Default Concrete form of living along Gowanus Canal

    Scarano Architects:

    "Located along the newly reclaimed Gowanus Canal, once the primary shipping route for supplies into Brooklyn, this unique alteration created a precedent for redevelopment in the area.

    Used as oil storage tanks, the 6” thick concrete walls contained steel tanks long since removed. The existing silos, which were slated for demolition, have been converted into a writer’s haven.

    Wooden rafters provide the structure for the new roof, which is radially lined with operable skylights, providing light and air for the upper floor. An entrance lobby directs one’s circulation into offices with loft areas above, or to open spaces within the 36 foot diameter circles.

    All floors and ceilings are finished with wood. The beams are constructed of heavy timber framing, which compliments the existing concrete structure.

    To envision these ordinary structures as habitable spaces, one must see their potential as an adaptive reuse project. Presenting a new attitude toward the preservation of structures that might have otherwise been lost through careless and unnecessary demolition is sometimes more of an art than a science."

    ^Pictures there

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    How could I have missed it?

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