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    I have a large terracotta pot that's about 2.5 feet wide, I used to have a large rubber plant in. The plant's dead, and I've decided the pot's too big for my current apt. I was going to throw it away, but decided maybe I'd put it on my stoop and hope no one steals it.

    What's a good plant (perrenial or annual) that will grow in partial shade, get some height, maybe flower or have some interesting foliage with minimal care? Anyone have any suggestions? I've never had an outdoor garden and don't know these kinds of plants well.


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    Here's a start: (google images)

    If you're leaving the pot outdoors all year, the plant'll need to be freeze resistant, (the pot too, you might have crackage w/ terra cotta: moist soil+freezing=:cry. The above link is suitable for frigid states such as Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, so these shrubs should be fine. Pick one that allows for pruning so you can shape it and keep it neat. Your local garden center should be able to make recommendations as well. Good luck, and keep us posted with photos.

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