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Thread: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

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    They made the right decision. They made the wrong decision.

    But they didn't make the Wright decision.

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    Tough call, but I'd like to have seen the original.

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    Must be a color photograph of it somewhere.

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    I searched the web when the story broke. No luck.

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    ^Thanks. Seeing that reinforces my disappointment with LPC's decision. That the Commission's gutless comes as no surprise, but it's a sad day when a museum dedicated to avant-garde works of the last century trembles at the thought of upsetting the dullest of its dull-gray neighbors in one of the City's blandest precincts:
    Museum Director Thomas Krens told the commission that the buff yellow would create a "jarring" contrast with the rest of the neighborhood and could generate "enough controversy about the building that it might not necessarily be an appropriate choice."

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    ^ Yeah, and it's not even all that radical.

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    They should have followed Wright's specs. The warmer color is way better.

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    Guggenheim Light.

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    Does anyone know whether this is still on target for completion in the Spring? I'm coming over in August and would love to see it finished. Last time I was there in 2006 it was already covered over.

    For the record, I would like to have seen it in the original colour. It somehow looks a bit less common, a bit classy.

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    Does anyone have any update on this?

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    I 've been meaning to get up there this week, but it's been too damned hot ...

    Scaffolding Dismantled From Guggenheim

    July 11, 2008

    Arts, Briefly

    Construction workers have begun dismantling the scaffolding that has encased the Guggenheim Museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for nearly three years. Restoration architects and mechanical engineers have worked to repair the curving, eggshell exterior of the building, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and celebrates its 50th anniversary this fall.

    Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company

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    lol my first time to ny i went out late while my friends were being lazy in the hotel. i decided i wanted to go see the guggenheim so i took the subway and hiked a couple blocks (seemed like forever), got bugged by a bum, and finally i found the museum.... covered in black net and scaffold. i was pissed, got a cab, and went to the hotel :P

    glad to know its gone now

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    Brilliant! I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for the info.

    Looks like we're in for another hot trip then. Was over 100 last time so at least we know we can survive it.

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    Well, I got to see it, although it wasn't quite finished. I always had the impression the surface was smooth so I was surprised to see that blockwork is clearly visible. I guess it only notices when you're close up. Anyway, I'm very pleased to have seen it.

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