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Thread: Harlem Renaissance

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    It's a really cool thing to look at - looks like the setting for a haunted hotel kinda movie (Shining I guess). The lack of windows and the growth of vines has led to a real creepy-awesome vibe. That being said, I think it would make a great hotel or community center...

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    Harlem to Get First Luxury Hotel

    by Mark Wellborn Published: July 31, 2007

    Luxury lodging is coming to Harlem.

    Paul Reisman of New Jersey-based Reisman Properties recently told The Observer that his company is breaking ground in August on a hotel on 125th Street.

    “The hotel will run along Fifth Avenue from 125th to 126th Street,” Mr. Reisman said.

    Although a flag has yet to be picked for the property, Mr. Reisman said that a number of very high-end chains are in the running. “Right now, who we go with is an open question,” he said. “But we are narrowing it down.”

    The property will be designed by Handel Architects, an architecture firm whose clients include 40 Bond Street, the Trump Soho Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton, Downtown. Once completed, the hotel will be 19 stories tall and cover over 130,000 square-feet.

    "There will be somewhere between 240 and 260 rooms in the hotel, and it will have 25,000 square feet of banquet and meeting space,” Mr. Reisman said.
    He would not disclose the total cost for the development, but did say that it would “be north of $80 million.”

    Mr. Reisman started Reisman Properties in 1979 with his brother, Steven. This will be the company’s first hotel project in New York City.

    Copyright ©, The New York Observer, L.P.

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    NY POST: Movinn' On Up


    August 1, 2007 -- Harlem already has multimillion-dollar condos and an office building that houses ex-President Bill Clinton.

    Next on the list for the area's evolving gentrification are plans for luxury hotels expected to soon break ground.

    A 19-story hotel with as many as 260 rooms is planned for Fifth Avenue and 125th Street. It will include banquet and meeting space.

    A few blocks away, at 124th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, where an Associated supermarket once stood, space has been cleared, possibly for a fancy W Hotel.

    Either project would become Manhattan's first major hotel built north of 110th Street in 40 years.

    "I believe it'll be a good idea, more business and more jobs for the community," said 135th Street resident Sherlie Davis, a retired food service worker and 17-year Harlem resident.

    "When you have people visiting from all over, it's better for them to stay in the area than to go downtown."

    Not everyone was thrilled with the planned hotels.

    "That's not Harlem. Harlem was a soulful place. It's taking away from the poor," said 125th Street resident Saba Unogen, 50, a vendor who sells religious garb.

    "This is terrible if they open these two hotels. No one will be able to afford them but the rich. Most of the people here are on public assistance and Section 8."

    The owner of the Fifth Avenue project, New Jersey developer Paul Reisman, told the New York Observer that he doesn't have a chain to run the property yet.

    A broker, who asked that his name not be printed, said, "We're getting close [on a W hotel] - but we've been disappointed in the past."

    A Marriott hotel had been planned for 125th Street and Park Avenue, but the project was killed in February 2006, after it was announced in 2003 with great fanfare.

    "Harlem is completely underserved for all kinds of retail development," said Jeffrey Roseman, a Manhattan broker with Newmark.

    "I'm sure a luxury hotel up there would stay fully occupied."

    Additional reporting by Brigitte Williams-James

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    I saw that in the Post. What an awesome building!

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    Yeah it looks nice.

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    Nice. Reminds me of 122 Greenwich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    Nice. Reminds me of 122 Greenwich.
    I thought the same thing!

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    Wow, Handel architects goes out of the box. Looks great!

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    Don't know much about this one:

    125TH AND 5TH
    Location: 2022 5th Avenue
    Developer: 125th @ 5th Development
    Architect: Frederic Schwartz Architects
    Size: 70,000 sq. ft.
    Type: Mixed-use
    Completion (est.): 2009

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    August 12, 2007 -- The heart of Harlem is being reshaped - some say gutted - in a blitz of big-money real-estate deals, starting with nearly a dozen small shops getting squeezed out to make way for retail and office development.

    "Harlem will be gone," lamented Lanise Benjamin, whose 90-year-old grandfather's legendary music shop, Bobby's Happy House, is being evicted from Frederick Douglass Boulevard. "To tear this building down would essentially be to tear Harlem apart."

    Bobby's has been in the neighborhood 61 years. But along with nearly a dozen other stores, it got an eviction notice last month after the building between West 125th and 126th streets was sold in a $50 million real-estate deal involving three West 125th Street parcels.

    While developers tout plans for hotels, condominiums, office space and national retailers, local businesses are getting left behind, store owners complained. The pressure of rising rents is being felt particularly along the entire length of the main commercial artery of 125th Street, where nearly a dozen projects, both proposed and under way, have sprung up.

    "It's a shame, and it's so unfair to the people who have kept the community the way it is," said Sikhulu Shange, owner of the Record Shack on 125th Street. "This is the economical lynching of the community, and it's not right."

    Philip Bulgar, manager of Manna's Soul Food and Salad Bar, next door to Bobby's, said the current owners weathered the area's drug- and crime-plagued eras and should be allowed to remain now that times are good.

    "It's sad that it has come to this," Bulgar said. "This is going to be a vastly different community, and I'm not sure it's going to be for the better. The people here deserve better."

    Not everyone decries the changes. National retail chains and more money flowing into the community raises everyone up, Harlem resident Gerard Matthews noted.

    "It's nice to see the businesses and the homeowners who have worked hard to make the area a healthy, happy community get some long-overdue help with city investment in Harlem," he said. "But at the same time, nobody wants to see longtime residents get priced out."

    Instead of Bobby's, Manna's and others, Kimco Realty and the Sigfeld Group plan a 100,000-square-foot redevelopment and claim they are helping the existing tenants relocate.

    "The new retail development will serve to improve an already-thriving retail community," said Eric Hochman, who added that Kimco simply took advantage of the termination clauses in shop owners' existing leases.

    Longtime Harlem real-estate player Eugene Giscombe, who is also chairman of the 125th Street Business Improvement District's board of directors, brokered the deal that sold the Frederick Douglass Boulevard space to Kimco and Sigfeld. Neither Sigfeld nor Giscombe's brokerage firm, Giscombe Henderson, returned calls for comment.

    Copyright 2007 NYP Holdings, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfenn1117 View Post
    I think that's the Victoria theater site. I'm sorry to see they went with something so squat and drab. Here's the thread.

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    Here's the plans for the rumored W Hotel in Harlem

    2300 Frederick Douglas Blvd. Hotel and Residences by W-"A Loft"
    Harlem, NY

    A ground up mixed use project of 137,000 SF. 50,000 SF would be used as high-end residential condo project (51 units), and 50,000 SF would be used as a “W”-“A Loft” (Starwood) Hotel rooms (120 Keys). Approx 10,000 SF would be used as retail space, and 10,000 would be used as community facilities such as rooftop, parking spaces, etc.

    In this project Shuster is acting as a construction management company.

    I checked the building permit....if you thought the rendering just screamed Gene're right!

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    what a joke...I'm just going to pretend like I never opened this thread.

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    Wow, that is retarded.

    Why would anyone in their right mind, leave a gap right next to the red brick building, exposing its blank wall?

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    Default Harlem 5h Ave Hotel

    Does anybody know what's happening with the Reisman 5th Ave and 125th Street hotel? I noticed that contruction hasn't begun...

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