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Thread: Midtown Height Maps

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    Default Midtown Height Maps

    This is a sample of some Height maps I'm doing for Midtown.
    The heights are from
    The street and building outline info is taken from Sanborn maps.
    It's a work in progress (as well as one for Downtown)

    Others can be downloaded as pdf files from:

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    Wow! This seems like a very interesting, not to mention ambitious, project. Thanks, very informative to non-New Yorkers.

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    I can't remember who here created it, but I always findthis sight interesting for NYC overviews:

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    Default maps

    on my website I'm doing summaries of architecture from different areas in New York and I need to show a map from each one.
    example for lower Manhattan-
    So far all I've found for the maps are rather plain Mapquest ones, really lacking in detail.

    Does anybody know where to get good free maps of Manhattan online??
    cheers t

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