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Thread: York and 83rd tower?

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    Default York and 83rd tower?

    I feel truly idiotic asking this but.........

    I live on York Ave @ 83rd where there has been an adjacent vacant lot since tenements were demolished a year plus ago. Vacant lots are rare up here and there is finally activity, scaffolding, bulldozers etc. But there are no signs, and nobody on site to ask about the project gearing up by the time I return from work.

    Anyone have a clue? A couple years ago I did find a developer's site with a rendering of a 30 or so floor res tower designed for the corner, but it's now lost in time and my memory does not serve me as to who was involved.


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    East 83rd & York Avenue
    33 stories
    Meltzer Mandl Architects

    The design on their web site has been their for awhile and has probably been modified.

    From Meltzer/Mandl Architects web site:

    East 83rd Street and York Avenue
    New York NY
    Completion Date 2002


    This 33-story, 190,000-square-foot luxury residential tower sits on the corner of East 83rd Street and York Avenue, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The site covers four assembled parcels and utilizes square footage obtained from air rights from adjacent buildings to the south. The building juxtaposes two distinct characters: the six-story base of brick and stone, and the slender tower that climbs up to the sky as brick slowly disappears and glass and spandrel panels wrap the facades. On the tower’s upper portion are several slim vertical recesses that add a jewel-like quality to the facade as seen from the street. The use of stone and brick at the building’s base creates a sense of mass and foundation for the tower.

    Since the building was intended for the high end market apartments are arranged strategically to accommodate this particular demand. Floors two through six have studio and one-bedroom apartments, while floors seven through 24, have on each floor one three-bedroom apartment and three two-bedroom apartments, ranging from 1,100 square feet to 1,500 square feet. The upper portion of the tower has three three-bedroom apartments per floor, ranging from 1,500 square feet to 1,700 square feet. The top floor offers penthouse apartments with roof terraces. On the south side of the roof are a garden and swimming pool.

    In Design
    Number of Stories: 33
    Number of Units: 141

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    Looks interesting. The masonry-to-glass transition at the slight setback reminds me of the World Financial Center.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLOZ Link5
    Looks interesting. The masonry-to-glass transition at the slight setback reminds me of the World Financial Center.
    On first look it reminded me somewhat of the ritz carlton in battery park.

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    Looks like they're getting ready to tear down an adjacent building to make way for this.

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