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Thread: Roofs of New York

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    Take a look at my first blog post using the new Wired New York Wordpress platform - Sunbathing on the Roofs of New York.

    You can make comments - just as you expect from a blog - although it's a different membership system from the forum.

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    a couple of rooftop shots.



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    These are some great pictures! I have to say though some of the roofs are pretty ugly...and some are really nice when they have gardens that are well taken care of. Come to think about it, "As above, so below"...

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    A couple of views from in and around Battery Park City:

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    ^^^ I've been wondering what was behind that glass for years.

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    Don't know what to think about the second picture.

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    WAOUHH Magnifique les deux dernieres photos

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    Those last two are sheer art. They convey a gritty sense of badassery that NYC has lost in recent decades due to "Disneyfication".

    Those shots are The Warrior's New York.

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    It would be a badass project for a residential roof addition to evoke our water towers (rather than mobile homes).

    Almost what I had in mind. Imagine seeing these lit up drums throughout the skyline.



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