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    Default world payphones

    I recently put this site together-- to make pictures of the world's payphones. If anybody could contribute I'd be grateful.





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    here's a couple more-
    the email address is
    And thanks a zillion for those pics from Newcastle. Very cool indeed......

    new Newcastle combi internet phoneboxes

    Overlooking the island of Nea Kameni- perhaps the world's most scenic payphone

    Japanese phonebox

    Armenian payphone

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    Default cheers

    very nice pics Christian- thanks for showing them to me. The variety of phone types is low in the U.S., but the many ways they work their ways into the urban fabric are incredible.

    New York blackout '03

    Bell South

    Woodstock 1999

    Detroit airport

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    you guys have been very cool with the things you've sent me- thanks a bunch!!
    some more pics-

    Berlin, by Davy Burns on a recent rainy day

    a payphone in Peru (it did have dial tone and you could use phone cards to call) on a Floating island - Islas Floatilles (made of reeds) where Uros people live in the middle of the same lake. Sent by Dennis Sagiev. Picture taken by Leo Khanin

    Drysdale station in outback Australia even had a payphone. Even if it was tucked away in a refrigerator. David Bunyard

    thanks again- keep 'em coming!

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    Portmeirion, Wales:

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    Alaskan Ice Art Payphone

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    meanwhile, in Africa....

    Payphone on Lake Victoria in Uganda using GSM Technology and Solar Power. Photo sent in by Craig Wheeler, Remkor Technologies South Africa



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