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Thread: Republican Convention: Anyone Sticking Around?

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    Default Republican Convention: Anyone Sticking Around?

    Just wondering if anyone is making plans to escape the gridlock of convention week in NYC?

    I'm heading to Costa Rica!

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    No...I am sticking around because I have to wok but I will want to be with the protesters somewhere.

    :evil: They are not kicking me out!

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    I wouldn't miss it for the world: the protests, that is.

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    What is all this protesting I hear about? It's one thing to protest against particular candidates, but people are protesting against the Republican party as a whole?! :?

    I guess anyone without a liberal view must be evil and must be protested against huh? :roll:

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    If I were a NYC resident, I'd be worried that the worldwide protester influx could lead to some rather volatile protester/police situations (read teargas). I wouldn't doubt it if ritzy hotels, restaurants, etc. w/ high profile guests hire sidewalk clearing 'goon-squads' to accomodate their patrons.
    I'd bet that there will be a near-free-for-all-dirty-hippie-bash-fest once the anarchists start their stupid sh*t.
    Stay way....STAY AWAY!

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    I'll just sit back and watch it unfold. And laugh at the irony that the landscape is so changed, the reasons for choosing NY no longer exist.

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    I will be in town, and my curiosity might even lead me into the hornets nest.

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