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Thread: The Amazin' Mets

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    OK Mets fans.

    At the turn:

    6 games over .500
    6 games out of 1st.
    Tied for 4th for a wild card, only 2 games (loss column) off the lead.

    Trading deadline at the end of July.

    What do you do?

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    Send the ones not producing down to the minors, bring up the superstars who are producing up from the minors because it is still early enough yet. Otherwise, it's football season.

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    There are superstars down on the farm?

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    I meant the superstars of the minors.

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    Yeah, that's what I meant. The farm. The minors. Who's down there that they can bring up?

    I was thinking more a trade, maybe Jonathan Broxton for the bullpen.

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    Don't know any of the minor names, but whoever the best of the best is bring them up, send the bottom players down, not just to put fear in them although that would happen naturally anyway, and they can still recover and make it to first place. In 2007 they were winning two out of three over and over before that monumental collapse. Now they're not even doing that with the worst teams. Shake the lineup up a bit and by the time the dust settles there's still time to recover.

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    Mets bullpen =

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    The Yankees hold a press conference to introduce future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki; the Mets hold a press conference to introduce Snooki on Star Wars night. This all you need to know to see just how far the Mets and Yankees are from eachother. Not only do the Yankees play better, but they outclass the Mets. The Mets are no better than a AAA team plain and simple!

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    This team's ownership is so damn shitty and quite frankly, it's embarrassing to be a Mets fan. The bullpen is just down right putrid. The team has lost 10 out of their last 11 and now this Snooki business. I'm done with baseball for this season. Time for football, I guess.

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    Default Getting our friend Haaaarveyy...

    Matt Harvey strikes out 11 in debut, leads NY Mets to 3-1 victory over Arizona Diamondbacks

    Matt York/AP

    Mets pitcher Matt Harvey delivers in his major league debut during the fifth inning. (for cackle out loud comedy check in at the 6:00 mark)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    One of my all-time favorite honeymooners episode ... "i have a friend Shirley who is bigger than you ..."

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    Mets should re-sign R.A. Dickey to a new contract right now.

    They probably could have locked him up earlier in the season for less; but if they try and play it cheap by negotiating next year while paying him $5 million, I think he'll test the free-agent market. It's his chance for a payoff after a ten year career, and some team would offer him big bucks.

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    I hope they resign him he's the best. But if he tests the free agent market, he may get a one-two year tops offer, because he's already 37. I don't think he'll get more than a two year offer.

    Other than that, it's football season.

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    If David Wright and R.A. Dickey are smart; they RUN not walk away from this horrdenous franchise!! This franchise will suck whatever these two have left out of them. David Wirght deserves to be on a team that will win and that respects him especially in the prime of career and give him what hes worth; and R.A. Dickey should test the market; he'll get his true value with another team, not with the Mets.

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    Mets season pluses

    Plus by addition: Johan Santana pitches a no-hitter.

    Plus by subtraction: After 136 years of baseball, the 500,000th error is committed by Jose Reyes.

    Plus by possibility: Mets win the series against the Phillies and keep them out of the playoffs.

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