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Thread: New York in Black and White

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    Default Thank You

    Thanks very much for posting these pics.....I've been looking at them for almost an hour -- it's like being in a time machine. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

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    Very nice pictures! What a change the city has gone throu over the years!

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    You can see how the city is slowly rising. I was going to make a gif but...



    Is the best yet to come?
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    Outstanding pictures.

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    By comparing pictures in Derek's series you can observe the subtle transformation of MetLife's Beaux-Arts tower.

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    What fantastic pictures!

    I love old photographs, these are wonderful.

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    Will be amazing to see this again.

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    Hi guys!
    I'm French, my name is Thomas, I'm 27yo
    I've been in NYC 3 times and it's always more and more exciting. I really love this city.
    You could see some of the pics I made over there in October 2005 here:

    But I registered for one reason...I was totally amazed by the pictures in the first pages of this thread.
    Unfortunately, it seems they disappeared...Are they about to be posted again or did I forget to save these masterpieces of history/architecture for ever??

    Please, tell me they're gonna be back on the site soon...I really hope so
    Thanks and keep posting...Ny, Ny, Big City of Dreams...

    C ya guys

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    ^ The pics will be back up just as soon as I can figure out how to keep them from exceeding my allotted bandwidth.

    Someone posted links to these pics that resulted in hundrerds of thousands of hits. This had the effect of shutting down my account with my server in spite of purchasing a lot of extra and expensive bandwidth. I finally had to take "New York in Black and White" off to keep everything else of mine from going down the drain along with it.

    First I need to figure out how to accommodate all those hits, then I'll restore the thread.

    Sorry ... and stay tuned.

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    Some awesome b&w pics on this page.

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    Cool. No NYC towers do this no more. The only tower I have ever seen this done is the Place Ville-Marie in Montreal.

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    Ablarc, I look forward to seeing the pics again once you find a new host. In the meantime, here are some b/w pics that were on my hard drive. Hope they're not reposts.




    Bowling Green 1914

    Same spot in 1974

    Park Row & St Paul's Chapel 1892

    Same spot in 1974. I believe St Paul's is the oldest building in NYC, and thankfully survived the collapse of the WTC.

    Trinity Church cemetery 1890

    Same spot 1974

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    trolleys, trolleys everywhere

    can't we get rid of the stupid automobile?

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    The decision to remove the trolley's in the late 40's & 50's was shortsighted incompetence on the part of many. At the time it was considered "progress" (i.e. finally got those damn trolleys out of the way, they were blocking the automobiles). Fast forward 50 years and they're talking about congestion charging to get the automobiles the hell out.

    Simple solution. Bring back the trolleys. Who can afford to park in NYC anyway, much less deal with the traffic.

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    Same thing happened to most American cities of note. At least New York was left with a legacy of extensive below-ground transport. Others weren't so lucky.

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