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Thread: The Link - 310 West 52nd Street - Condo - by Costas Kondylis

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    ... new measures meant to protect building residents from verbal abuse by other building residents.
    I've always imagined that in a lot of these new places it must be a nightmare.

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    It was inevitable that anything built next to this heinous POS would suck.

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    Anyone know what's up with the Hampton Inn? I can't believe that such (increasingly) prime real estate can be given over to such a claptrap roach motel. There's some real junk on this stretch, but that is the mother of it all.

    Is there an investor/developer who owns it and is biding his time for some reason, or is it actually supposed to be this indefinitely (i.e., is the current owner unlikely to try to develop it?)?

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    As posted in this thread back in 2006 the Hampton Inn (then a Howard Johnson) sold its air rights to Elad to allow the Link plan to grow tall.

    So the mass that now exists on the Eighth Avenue blockfront can't grow much beyond what it is now. Ergo, redevelopment of the plot seems unlikely -- unless zoning regs are changed.

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    ^^ My cousins stayed at this hotel when visiting a couple years back. I was suprised how nice the rooms actually are. They were updated pretty well and were spacious. The rooms at the more modern and tall 2 Sheratons a few blocks away are far worse.

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    It still detracts from the area, as it looks like mierda.

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    Maybe they could spruce up the facade with some color and a giant mural on the side, because I can't imagine anything they build now will be much better. At least this provides affordable and decent (from the account just given) rooms to regular joes who aren't rich and young folks. What's the alternative, another ugly exclusive condo full of nasty, verbally abusive rich people...

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    I'd be surprised if the rooms there with the hotel tax are less than $250/night.

    A very nice, small building could go up on that site. I just hate that cheap-looking box. It detracts from the street.

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    Could someone please help me?
    I've been looking into condos within the Manhattan area, especially condos with great views of the Times Square highrises and ones that are at least 40 levels tall. The only one that I alone have come to decide upon is The Link. I've fallen in love with the 16-41 level A Single bedrooms facing towards 8th ave. I won't be able to purchase for a couple years but I'm hoping that all the tweaks will be corrected by then.
    What are your thoughts about a person living there for at least 15 years? I mean, would this be a smart investment? Do alot of people live in similar condos for similar lengths of time? I'm a quiet loner and don't have any baggage if you understand what I'm saying.
    My budget is 900,000 and I plan on getting a mortgage.
    Oh, I'm somewhat confused, from what I read on this forum you make mention of a Board of Directors for the condo. Is the Link a Co-op or a true condo?
    Thanks for everything and look foward to reading your answers.

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    Hey all, i want to reopen this thread. I'm looking for an apartment in midtown west, and loved this one. Seems like things can get done at $1100 psf for a 1bR, any recommendations? Anyone who just thinks no way to this building?

    I looked at the platinum but maintenance was too high and seems more expensive than here

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    Don't know if I'd be buying now at $1,100/sqft. I think in a year or three things may be taking a pretty big hit.

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    I wouldn't buy in the Link until this rodent, roach and bed bug-infested POS hotel next to it is razed.

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    Is that image really on the building?

    I don't remember seeing anything on it while I passed by. Of course, I don't usually look up at that fleabag hotel anyway.

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    i feel like in HK, most buildings are surrounded by horrible one like those

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    HK has even more crap than NY. In fact, it's crap is even worse than NY's. HK is the anti-London.

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