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Thread: The Link - 310 West 52nd Street - Condo - by Costas Kondylis

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    I don't remember seeing anything on it while I passed by. Of course, I don't usually look up at that fleabag hotel anyway.[/QUOTE]

    You are so wrong about this hotel. It is a Hampton Inn, I believe rated #8 or #9 of all hotels in NY City on Friends have stayed here and it is clean and modern. I have been in it. Look it up Hampton Inn Times Square North.

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    Anyone know the front desk number? Thanks!

    Also, is there a community website?

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    You don't want to live next to this rancid POS. In fact, 8th Ave. is disgusting and depressing. It has a bunch of empty building sites that will be filled over the next 5 years with buildings that, at best, will be as ugly as The Link -- and quite possibly worse.


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    anyone want to be helpful and actually answer the question? lol

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    Don't bother. It's a dump.

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    Hampton Inn Times Square North
    851 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York, USA 10019
    Tel: 1-212-581-4100 Fax: 1-212-974-7502
    95% of travelers recommend
    1,145 reviews

    My cousins stayed there a couple years ago. I was shockingly impressed. The rooms are actually a decent size and were pretty nice. Much nicer on the inside than the outside, lets just say that.

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