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    Default Museum of the 21st Century


    You might remember this same firm's Highline proposal...

    Saw this project yesterday at an exhibit on concrete architecture, although whose to say if any 'concrete' plans to build it actually exist...zing! Anyway, discuss.

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    Interesting. I'm not sure a building that size could be built in that part of TriBeCa though.

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    :shock: My eyes have gone blind. The architecture is superb! Beautiful jewls that spark with light must be built. Why does people get upseat with these towers? They are fantasticn and bring the neighborhoods with more character.

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    Excellent I like what I see. Is this the first museum built like a skyscraper in the nation?

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    In the second picture you can see my car! Beautifull-(both the building and car)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedFerrari360f1
    In the second picture you can see my car! Beautifull-(both the building and car)
    Could you give me a ride? :wink:

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    No problem. Provided you dont key it like half of New York seems to do.

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    It also looks very nice in this model.

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    Arrow Tower

    From my understanding the museum is the projecting ground level element, the tower is primarily residential.

    I don't think this is in Tribeca either -- i think it is supposed to be just south of the rail yards near the jets stadium site, isn't it?

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    Unhappy Correction

    Sorry -- i was wrong about the location... but i think i'm right about the program.

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    ^Cool, It might be Hudson Square rather than Tribeca so I could be wrong too.=)

    It's a more serious proposal than I thought initially. It's slated for a 2007 completion. Here's an interview of Gisue Hariri on the Museum of 21st Century from

    Gisue Hariri on the Museum of 21st Century
    Hariri & Hariri-Architecture

    Q 1. In terms of thinking about the existing environment, what sort of research did you conduct about the immediate geographical community and location of the building site?

    The site is a double Manhattan Block in New York City. A developer wants to build it, but is not sure of what and how far the city planning and building departments would allow them to go. So, we carefully looked at the community and the location and realized that it is a MIXED area with residential & commercial buildings.

    2. How did the existing architectural structures of the immediate local community influence you conceptually?

    The location (site) is on WEST STREET along the Hudson River. It is half way between the "World Trade Center" on the south and the Richard Meier's Luxury -condo Towers on the North. Along this street is also a residential tower by Zaha Hadid, planned for construction. So in the future, this street could possibly have a series of towers including the Museum of 21st Century. The Museum in Form is Homage to the Twin Towers, a double tower EMBRACING one another.

    3. As architects that have completed both residential and institutional buildings, how do you negotiate the diverse dimensions of the public and private experience?

    We have always been interested in exploring and defining the boundaries between the public and private. We see it changing rapidly both in the domestic and public realm.
    The fact is that technologically we can intrude on each others private space and the public spaces have become more closed and protected because of terrorism. So this boundary between private and public is in a flux and with every project we try to Re-Define it. In The Museum of 21st Century we are proposing a Mixed-Use tower, where the public and private come together to make a project feasible for both the community and the developer.

    4. Have you found over your career that the needs of public collections have modified and perhaps become more consciences of the space they inhabit?

    Yes. The public collections have been modified and reduced both in number and in scale. However, not because of space, but because of budget (money) and unqualified selection committees.

    5. To what extent have you worked with curators to establish the needs of the collection?

    This Museum is at the moment in very early stages (a schematic, proposal phase) and we have not worked with a museum curator and do not know if there would be a collection as such to accommodate.

    6. How do you see the needs of institutions modifying over the next several decades, thereby affecting your architectural response?
    We envision that this Museum would not be about space and collection of materials. It is for the new art that is mainly immaterial (digital art). It is liquid changing and being made all the time. It would be programmed and accessed by the artist around the globe. The Museum part has walls with technology imbedded in them. In This museum most of the art work would be exhibited on the "out side" or exterior walls. It is for everyone who has something to express. At the end it is our belief that the Museum Structures have to respond to the new art and medium of art-making that the new generation of artist are using. The architecture of these institutions will have to turn inside-out, because there would be very little to put on exhibit on the inside. We need museums that are interactive, that are about our contemporary culture, and are inclusive.

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    Is this a legit and current proposal, really? It looks amazing and would really be something to see.

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