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Thread: Some NYC subway facts

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    Default Some NYC subway facts


    1) The NYC Transit subway system uses enough power annually to light the city of Buffalo for a year.
    2) Laid end to end, NYC Transit train tracks would stretch from New York City to Chicago.
    3) NYC Transit - with 468 subway stations - has only 35 fewer stations than the combined total of all other subway systems in the country.

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    My great grandfathers Coney Island based sand & gravel company supplied much of the cement :wink:

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    I know this is old, and has probably been posted here before, but this thread seems like the right place to insert it:

    Abandoned Subway Stations:

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    Change on MetroCard bonuses

    BY STEVE RITEA | 1:47 PM EST, January 30, 2008

    Subway and bus riders who purchase the city's pay-as-you-go MetroCards will only need to spend $7 to receive a bonus, officials said, dropping the minimum from $10 when fare hikes take effect March 2, the MTA board decided Wednesday.

    The fare hikes, which touch all sectors of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's empire, reduce MetroCard bonuses from 20 percent to 15 percent, although the base fare of $2 is preserved.

    Fares on the Long Island Rail Road and MetroNorth also increase under the plan between 3.76 percent and 4.25 percent.

    The hikes were approved by a majority of the board in December.


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