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Thread: Bronx Development

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    Default Family Intake Center

    Last but not least in my round of South Bronx construction updates are these photos of a new family intake center being built at the corner of Walton Av. & E. 151st St. This is a locally controversial building on the site of the former and infamous one-story Emergency Assistance Unit, the place where you went with your children if your family found itself homeless. The project is being built by the New York City Department of Design & Construction and will be operated by the New York City Department of Homeless Services. First, a photo of the rendering posted at the site, by Polshek Partnership. Following that, two construction photos showing progress as of March 21.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInterloafer View Post
    That station, Melrose, actually is served on middays, evenings and weekends. But the schedule is one train every two hours instead of one train every hour, which is the standard off-peak schedule at most Metro-North stations.
    Oh I didn't know that! That might actually be a handy bit of information! Thanks.

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    Default South Bronx Retail

    Toasty, to your point about sizes of retail space in new buildings, here are two examples from recently opened buildings. Both are NYCHDC-financed affordable housing/mixed-use buildings that opened c. 2006-2007 with large open retail spaces on the ground floor. The first is Peter Cintron Apartments on Melrose Avenue between 157th & 158th Streets.

    Here, the retail spaces have been subdivided into small spaces and all are occupied. We have Dhaka discount (3 windows), a video store (1 window), a beauty salon (1 window), the building lobby/entrance (3 windows), a barber shop (1 window), and a deli (3 windows).

    The next building is a few blocks away. 675 Morris Avenue at 153rd Street.

    Here, the retail space has remained undivided and vacant. It is unclear if the landlord is willing to subdivide the space. The landlord may be holding out for a supermarket or a pharmacy chain. Maybe he/she is willing to subdivide but there are no takers. The only clear thing is that the space is vacant.

    There are a lot of characteristics in play in both locations, such as foot traffic and asking rents per square foot. I have no idea what they are in each spot. I am not sure what the take-away of this exercise is, other than that retail tenants seem to be asking for small spaces, and successful Bronx landlords are those that are willing to create them. Vacant spaces invite vandalism, so one hopes that the space at Morris Avenue will be filled soon.

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    The second building is the one we mentioned that is essentially in a extremely low foot traffic area. Adjacent to it are some Projects, a practically barricaded high school track and field, a small empty field, train tracks, and a run down car shop/garage thing that used to be a small gas station.

    Kind of a bad deal at the moment. Even a supermarket would be a tough sell. There is already a supermarket one block down behind the projects and another down the block from the new schools, not counting the large supermarket in the Concourse Plaza. There is also no shortage or Pharmacies in the area, unless they go for chain like Duane Reade of Rite Aid.

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    What was there before?

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    I couldn't remember, but luckily, googlemaps was only semi-updated (read: half transparent ) for the area, so my original suspicions were confirmed. Aside from the church that they literally wrapped the new building around, there was nothing but two largish empty lots and the gas station/car shop.

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    MSN maps is also good, too. Their 'birds eye' view gives you an angled overhead view of the lots/sites.

    I love it when they build on vacant/fallow/eyesore lots. They're like open wounds to the city. The developments are like the healing.

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    I wish I could find an overhead map of the South Bronx from 10 years ago. There must have been at least 20 or more empty lots in just a few square miles. It's an amazing transformation. It just needs an economic boost now.

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    Good stuff, Toasty! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Bronx!

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    My mother had a bunch of pictures from a few years ago, so I had her try to match the shots to provide a before and after view. These are the results! Apologies for the quality, these are all scans

    Here is an overall view of the area before and after:

    In the rear you can see the progress of Boricua Village. In the foreground you can see some of the progress of Courtlandt Corners.

    Up next is some pictures of Boricua Village before construction began.

    And here is a closer shot of where it is at now:

    Southern side of Courtlandt Corners project, before and after!:

    Northern side (apologies for the snow! This was the only picture she had of the block from this angle.):

    Upon further inspection, the picture quality seems lower than I had anticipated. I can try rescanning at a higher quality if you guys want. I also have video from the fall of 06, as well as some video from the start of construction I believe but I need time to get that onto my PC.

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    I hope the best for this project!

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    SoBro is looking good.

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    It certainly was- until you called it Sobro, NoyokA.

    Also, I'd like to give a welcome to my Bronx neighbors. It's good to see you guys on this forum.

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    Toasty, those great photos. Thanks!

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    By the way, Toasty, did you ever see my info on the Concourse Plaza office "tower"?

    Here's the sign you mentioned:

    Here's the lot it refers to as of April 12. Nothing doing. Same is true today.

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