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Thread: Bronx Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadenfrau
    I apologize if I'm being dense, but what exactly do you mean by this?
    I guess I'm the one who's dense...

    I thought you had said "They think all white people here are artists"

    Did I misinterpret?

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    I thought that I had made clear that I am white and not an artist.

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    Riverdale Tower
    19 floors
    64 units
    Architect: Alexander Gorlin

    This might be the original proposal for Arlington Suites, I'm not sure. > projects > high rise residential > Riverdale Tower
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    This tower replaces the homes on Tulfan Terrace right? Imagine living on a tiny lane in a cute little house and seeing this 19 story monster rising. This is one instance where I think nimbys have a case. But nonetheless here it is.

    The design isn't bad. At least it's glass.

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    Default Any New Condos in the Bronx

    I understand there are 2 new highrise (9-story) condo projects proposed in the Melrose District on Third Avenue north of the Hub - about 115 units total. Are there any other new or recent condos in the Bronx that are comparable? Are new 1BR for $200k, 2BR for $250k and 3BR for $340K realistic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkV
    I understand there are 2 new highrise (9-story) condo projects proposed in the Melrose District on Third Avenue north of the Hub - about 115 units total. Are there any other new or recent condos in the Bronx that are comparable? Are new 1BR for $200k, 2BR for $250k and 3BR for $340K realistic?
    I know a developer who is building a number of sizable condo buildings in the Morrisania neighborhood. The buildings are in the vicinity of Third Avenue and the East 160's. He plans around 300 units total. They will all be market-rate condominium buildings.

    The first building broke ground around July 1 of this year. I'm not sure if prices have been set.

    Could we be talking about the same development?

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    Bronx retail development moves forward

    by Tommy Fernandez
    September 22, 2005

    Plans for a $48 million development in the South Bronx took a step forward when executives for developer Related Companies presented the latest version of the project to a community board last night.

    The 170,000 square foot, two-story retail and office development at 156th Street and 3rd Avenue will have two anchor tenants, Staples and Formans Clothing Store. Space will also be rented by the Department of Transportation. The site is now an empty lot.

    The project is controversial because some community leaders worry that the development could drive away business from local merchants. Related and community board officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.

    The Bloomberg Administration and Bronx government have been vocal supporter of the project. "The neighborhood is obviously well-located for retailers," said Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion. "This project will help bring many jobs to the neighborhood."

    Related is negotiating to complete the purchase of the lot and plans to break ground on the project next Spring.

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    More retailing in store for Bronx: Related Cos. plans shopping mall

    Tommy Fernandez
    September 26, 2005

    There is a reason why upscale developer The Related Cos. is willing to gamble $400 million on a dilapidated market in a Bronx neighborhood that still scares some locals.

    Its research shows that holes in the Bronx's retail landscape create opportunities. More than half of the $13.8 billion Bronx residents spend each year on retail shopping is done outside the borough. What's more, the borough has 225,000 residents per department store, compared with 40,000 in nearby, and well-served, Westchester County.

    "The Bronx is one of the most underserved boroughs with regard to retail development," says Glenn Goldstein, executive vice president at Related. "We know so many people are traveling outside the borough to get what they need. Why not bring these stores to them?"

    Related is bucking for city approval of Gateway Center, which will transform a sizable section of the aging Bronx Terminal Market into a 1 million-square-foot shopping center. The project has generated controversy: Retailers, including 24 store owners who work in the terminal and are slated for eviction, have complained that the megacenter could drive small shops out of business; a pending lawsuit challenges the evictions.

    The proposal recently passed muster with Community Board 4 and is now on the desk of Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión, who has roughly 30 days to review Related's plan. He says he is "committed" to the project, adding that he wants "to make sure we find good new locations" for any displaced merchants.

    But Gateway Center is not the only game in town for Mr. Carrión. Retail rejuvenation is central to a number of other Bronx projects he is pushing. "Retailers are very bullish on the Bronx now," he says. "What we need to do is make sure these destinations are attractive enough--with the right consumer mix--to keep these shoppers in the county."

    To do so, he helped negotiate $90 million of private financing for a 250,000-square-foot office building, which will include some retail, at Hutchinson River Park. He lobbied to get financing for a $32 million infrastructure makeover along the Grand Concourse and is promoting 1 million square feet of additional development at the Bay Plaza shopping mall at Co-op City.

    But more needs to be done, says Mr. Carrión. For example, he is not satisfied with the redevelopment of 161st Street. "The area is still sort of ratty and needs some work," he says.

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    Thumbs up

    Bronx development to beat records, officials say

    by Tommy Fernandez

    Economic development in the Bronx is on track to beat records, according to statistics released today by the borough president’s office.

    The borough’s unemployment rate was 6.7% in August, down from a record-high level of 11.2% in January 2003. The average was just over $35,000, up by $4,000 since January 2000. Investment totaled $400 million during the first six months of the year and over 3,000 new businesses were incorporated.

    The borough has benefited from the city's overall economic upswing and gentrification trend. The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. has aggressively courted developers, spurring construction especially in the South Bronx and waterfront areas.

    Bronx borough President Adolfo Carrión attributed the improvement to programs such as the “Buy Bronx” campaign to encourage firms to employ Bronx businesses and the “Bronx at Work” campaign to encourage employers to hire locally. “These campaigns have led to unprecedented economic development in the borough,” Mr. Carrion said in a statement.

    ©2005 Crain Communications Inc.

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    Default why soBro is a dumb name...

    The neighborhood has a name already---Mott Haven
    why do we need a new one?

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    What realtors call "Sobro" has many names, not just Mott Haven. Isn't anything south of Westchester now considered the South Bronx?

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    Hub of activity at last

    Ground broken for $53M biz project


    Ground was broken yesterday on the long-awaited redevelopment of a plot of land and a derelict parking garage on the edge of the South Bronx's main shopping area.

    A retail and office center anchored by the Bronx office of the city Department of Finance will anchor the new development.

    The Related Companies will develop the $53 million two-story Hub Retail and Office Center and rehab the parking garage on the property just north of the Hub, the principal shopping and business district for central and South Bronx.

    Related is also the major developer of the Gateway Mall project near Yankee Stadium, which many have called a sweetheart, no-bid deal with the city to replace the deteriorated Bronx Terminal Market. The developer is still locked in a legal battle with the ethnic foods merchants there over their eviction and relocation.

    But at yesterday's groundbreaking ceremony for the Hub project, it was all smiles among officials as Mayor Bloomberg, joined by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión and Steve Ross of The Related Companies, called the project "another major milestone in the ongoing renaissance of the South Bronx."

    Besides bringing new economic activity and 225 full-time jobs, Bloomberg said, the 170,000-square-foot facility will extend the Hub to "the growing residential area of Melrose," where the city "has invested heavily in revitalization projects."

    He said the city Finance Department office, which will replace the two current Bronx ones on Williamsbridge Road and on Arthur Ave., "will provide Bronx residents a one-stop location to pay bills and check records" as well as "attract thousands to the area, spurring additional retail growth."

    Related was the successful bidder to buy the city-owned property for $1 million three years ago, but it took that long to begin construction to pursue financing and because a potential deal with Kmart to open a store on the site fell through, officials said.

    Related estimated yesterday that the new center, between 153rd and 156th Sts. on Third Ave., should be open by the summer of 2007.

    Besides the city finance office, it will be home to Staples, Rite Aid and Forman Mills, an apparel retailer, as well as Community Board 1.

    The four-story garage will be completely renovated, with space for 265 cars.

    The city will provide about $16 million for construction and equipment of the Finance Department's business center, and Carrion's office will provide an additional $500,000 for the project.

    Originally published on March 15, 2006

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    Always good to see the Bronx getting new investment...

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    March 19, 2006
    As Development Booms in Bronx, Residents Fear the Reverberations

    A new multistory building near an older house in the Bronx.

    New construction is changing the look of many Bronx neighborhoods, but some fear the effects of gentrification and the loss of green space.

    For decades, the area known as the Hub has been the retail heart of the South Bronx, attracting throngs of people to its small family-owned stores even as the residential blocks around it were ravaged by crime and, at times, consumed by flames.

    But now, those who have kept this scrappy shopping district alive are worried, and the source of their fears is not robbers or arsonists, but development. A long-vacant lot is the planned home of a major shopping center that will include national chain stores like Staples, Forman Mills and Rite-Aid. Their impending arrival has caused as much apprehension as happiness.

    "We have to watch out for the mom-and-pop stores, said George Rodriguez, chairman of the local community board, who for years has sought to bring national retailers to the area. "They did not move out, they did not capitulate. They served the clients in the area."

    And the Hub is just the heart of it. A few decades after it became a national symbol of urban decay, the Bronx is home to a rash of new construction projects that are changing neighborhoods that have seen little new building in half a century. Many residents are uneasy.

    The anxiety extends from woodsy Riverdale, which has had a spate of new condominium construction, to the suburban-like eastern Bronx, where huge homes have started popping up, and to the South Bronx, where plans for luxury condominiums and high-end stores have prompted fears of gentrification. Projects either planned or under way include thousands of units of new housing, shopping malls, an $800 million baseball stadium for the Yankees — perhaps a convention center and the borough's first major hotel.

    The frantic pace has spurred opposition to small and large projects alike, resistance that only a few years ago would have been unthinkable in the borough, which includes one of the poorest Congressional districts in the country. The aversion to the boom is due to the dizzying speed of change, and has grown as New York City has become a more desirable place to live. Property values have skyrocketed, and wealthy people who in past generations might have moved to the suburbs are now staying and looking for more space. Poor people often find they cannot leave their current homes for fear that they will not find any place as affordable. And longtime businesses fear they will not be able to compete against chain stores.

    Many are pleased about the rush. The Bronx borough president, Adolfo Carrión Jr., notes that construction means new jobs in a borough with the highest unemployment rate in the state, 7.6 percent. Still, that is much lower than the 11.2 percent rate in January 2003.

    "It's a good problem to have when the arguments that people are having are not so much 'Why is nothing happening?' but 'Why is so much happening and how can we absorb it?' " Mr. Carrión said. "It's a fair concern that people have."

    Dozens of residents who are critical of specific projects say they are not generally against new construction, saying their borough has been starved too long for restaurants, brand-name shops, even banks and grocery stores.

    The Bronx remains seared in many minds as a symbol of urban decay — an image crystallized when a fire near Yankee Stadium led Howard Cosell to announce during the 1977 World Series that the Bronx was burning. That same year, President Jimmy Carter toured Charlotte Street, which was so ravaged it looked as if it had been bombed.

    "We all know what happened in the 70's in the Bronx," said Anthony Perez Cassino, a Riverdale resident who grew up in the borough. "It's exciting to see all the development, but there's a downside — which is that in some areas, it's happening too much, too quickly. "

    Last year, 9,168 building permits were issued in the borough, almost double the 4,955 awarded in 1995. And the 901 permits allotted for construction of new buildings last year was triple the number issued in 1996. The value of residential property in the Bronx has increased 42 percent, to $2.5 billion, since 2000. Land in the borough is at such a premium that single-family homes are being razed for multistory apartment buildings, houses are being built in alleys and in one case, a three-story apartment building is being constructed around a neighbor's tree.

    "We're not paying attention to the alternatives for the people who are going to be displaced," said William Bosworth, director of the Bronx Data Center at Lehman College.

    In Geneva Causey's neighborhood near Yankee Stadium, residents say they learned of definitive plans for a replacement ballpark through a news conference announcing the plan in June 2005. After 38 years of living in the South Bronx, Ms. Causey believes it finally might be time to move: The proposed new Yankee Stadium would be built across the street, 90 feet from her bedroom.

    Mr. Carrión and other local politicians say the project will jump-start economic development. The City Council is expected to vote on the project in April. The Yankees want to start construction by May 1.

    The proposal calls for building a stadium on two large neighborhood parks adjacent to the current stadium. Residents fear that the patchwork of new parks that will replace them will not make up for the green space, and the popular gathering spots, that they will lose.

    "This is not going to be a desirable living area," Ms. Causey said. "It's kind of like, 'Where do you go?' This is affordable housing for people in this neighborhood. You will kill the community off."

    Within walking distance of Yankee Stadium is the Bronx Terminal Market, a 31-acre collection of crumbling but popular warehouse shops. As part of a $400 million redevelopment plan, the market's remaining merchants and hundreds of their employees are being evicted. The market, which dates to the 1920's, will be replaced by Gateway Center, a mall that will include national chain stores.

    Majora Carter, executive director Sustainable South Bronx, a community organization, said that officials had accepted projects that were not necessarily the best for the community because of an "inferiority complex" left over from the borough's leaner years.

    "I'm all for development, but there's nothing in the middle at all," Ms. Carter said. "It's either they do a large-scale development or nothing at all. There are no neighborhood-scale shops."

    And then there is the planned $50 million, 170,000-square-foot commercial development in the Hub, which like the proposed new Yankee Stadium, depends on government financing. It will include a Forman Mills discount retail store, a Staples and a Rite-Aid when it opens in two years. Though the area has sought chain stores for years with little luck, residents and community leaders like Mr. Rodriguez wonder if by upgrading they might upset the area's delicate economic balance. "We've got to make sure that whatever is done is done for the benefit of everyone in the community," Mr. Rodriguez said.The eastern Bronx has similar concerns. BJ's is trying to move into the area, and City Councilman James Vacca, who represents the district, said he fears a warehouse-style store would hurt local businesses, including several new supermarkets that have opened in the area recently.

    The eastern Bronx has also had an increase in the number of huge homes being built on relatively small lots, which for years has been a problem in other areas of the city but is a relatively new phenomenon there. In response, neighborhoods like City Island and Throgs Neck have successfully lobbied for zoning laws in recent months to limit new building.

    "We always saw ourselves as a touch of suburbia in the Bronx," Mr. Vacca said. "You want to retain trees and open space, and you don't want to live on top of your neighbor."

    In the northern Bronx — including parts of Riverdale and Kingsbridge — zoning laws have changed as well to keep out new multistory apartment buildings and homes deemed too large for their lots.

    Still, modest-size houses on streets that have not been rezoned have been bought by developers and demolished to make room for huge houses in the past year. In one case, on Tulfan Terrace in Riverdale, a 20-story condominium tower was built on the space that had housed three of the cul-de-sac's eight homes.

    "We are in the midst of the most intense development push since the apartment house boom that transformed large parts of Riverdale in the 1950's," said Bradford Trebach, an associate broker and general counsel for his family's real estate firm, Trebach Realty.

    Sometimes large-scale development has been greeted with praise. In Kingsbridge, a proposal to build a 207,000-square-foot shopping mall has received wide support among residents, even though some shops that the developers are in talks with, like Whole Foods, have higher prices than residents in the nearby housing projects are used to.

    The new stores, which could include a chain bookstore, would force nearby retailers to adapt, said Fern Jaffe, who has owned the Paperbacks Plus bookstore for 36 years.

    "We can weather the storm," Ms. Jaffe said. "Would I rather they weren't there? Of course. But development is development."

    Manny Fernandez contributed reporting for this article.

    Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company
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    City to fund affordable housing in the Bronx

    by Catherine Tymkiw
    April 14, 2006

    The Bronx will get two new affordable housing buildings with the help of $29 million in tax-exempt bonds from the city's Housing Development Corp.

    The Arker Cos. and the Jackson Development Group will spend $26 million to construct the Rev. Ruben Diaz Gardens Apartments at 967 Kelly St. in the Longwood section of the Bronx. The building will include 111 units, 20,000 square feet of retail, 27,000 square feet of offices and underground parking.

    Atlantic Development will spend $28 million to build the Villa Avenue Apartments at 3121 Villa Ave. in the Bedford Park neighborhood, located one block west of the Grand Concourse. It will also include 111 units.

    Both projects will be financed through HDC's low-income affordable marketplace program, which offers funding to developers who build apartments reserved for families earning no more than $42,540.

    The buildings, which should be finished in 2008, are part of an ongoing affordable housing initiative by HDC. "We have a pipeline of apartments," said HDC spokesman Aaron Donovan. HDC expects to issue an additional $143 million of bonds to help fund 1,300 affordable apartments by year-end.

    The agency said it has already provided more than $728 million to preserve or construct 28,084 affordable housing units.

    ©2006 Crain Communications Inc.

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