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Thread: Looking for WTC memories...

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    Default Looking for WTC memories...


    I am writing a book about memories of the WTC. I am a journalist, I am currently writing a book on urban legends, my WTC book is next. I have a column in the ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS HERALD, and have written for several publications. If anyone wants to see my work please e-mail me. If anyone would like to share memories of the WTC PRE-911, for my book, please e-mail me at COLORBLINDDJ@AOL.COM

    Thank so much

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    Default New Blog - Infoshare 07: New & Noteworthy


    You are welcome to particpate in my new blog. On my WiredNY blog (Titled, Infoshare 07: New & Noteworthy) I will showcase links/graphics/photos/commentary and present it under one of the following categories: fine arts, applied arts, science, news & politics.

    Many people I have talked to (friends and random strangers) tell me that they read WiredNY on a regular basis; and the count on "currently active viewers" is growing fast, so I invite you to post a link to your article written in the Atlantic Highlands Herald (or any other information) on the message board of my WIREDny blog - it is likely to get a lot of exposure.

    p.s. This blog is currently a work-in-progress; so you can also semd me PM's as an alternate method of sending me information you would like posted on the blog. Also, I do not edit for spelling/typing/grammer errors on my blog (as you can see) but being that you are a Journalist I am sure you write only "edited english".

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    I think we have a WTC memories thread elsewhere. Do a search.

    Ho much are paying to use these stories? Will you be profitting from this book or donating the profits made from other people's calamity?

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    Relax BR its pre9-11 memories how is that profit from others calamity? and yeah i thought there was another thread like that too, i put it to deja vu.

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    There are also countless threads and posts on this subject. Example:

    World Trade Center tales


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