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Thread: The Orion - 350 West 42nd Street - Condo - by Cetra/Ruddy

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    New render of 255 Hudson

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    Default progress (if you want to call it that)

    well, i work for an architecture firm next door in the old mcgraw hill building. from my window i watch it rise every day - it's almost a floor a day now
    they're up to eight(ish) floors
    it will not only wreck our view, it won't be a good alternative view
    additionally, to whomever said "at least it's all glass"
    it's going to throw light and heat at us in funny ways that are not anticipated to be pleasant...
    why doesn't cetra/ruddy have a functioning website?

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    ^A bunch of firms don't...

    Why did I post a render of 255 Hudson here?

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    Default anything new?

    Does anyone have any updates regarding this building?


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    Ya, check the Manhattan residential thread. It's like 19 floors now.

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    The once lone McGraw HIll Building is being boxed in on all sides. It will hardly register on the skyline after this one goes up and NYTT is completed. Once the western sentinel to Times Square - it's day has finally come.

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    HI Does anyone know any pricing for the Orion? Pre-sales opened this morning. Someone I know got a quote of upper 500's for a 1 BR from between 610 sq ft to 880 sq. ft.

    Does that sound right for that area?

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    Sales opened at least 1 week ago, if not more. Must be low floor/no view. Im hearing mid 500s and 600s for lower floors and 800s for higher floors. Higher floors have w/d hookups and different elevator banks along with nicer finishes. Best of luck..

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    Default Orion


    I am new to the Forum. Sale center opened on March 13th, I got in on the 15th.
    Prices are on 4th amendment now. Studios 530 sq ft start at 424K. I picked
    a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1349 sq ft on 49th floor for 1.3 M. Building interiors are really nice. They are working off a waiting list and not accepting brokers yet. As of today, corcoran has posted some listings. Building first phase ready in June 2006, rest Oct 2007.

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    Just joined the forum while doing some due diligence on the orion. I am scheduled for april 9th. Does anyone know what they are requiring as an upfront payment to reserve a unit?

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    Another thread that must rank high on google search.

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    Default orion pricing

    You would have to pay 10% down within 5 business days, then another 10% after 6 monthes. And 30 day notice before they decide to close

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    From a NYT article:
    Amid the Low-Rises, Necks Are Craning

    "The 550 condos in the Orion, which is being built at 350 West 42nd Street, are to go on sale March 1. Prices in the building, which is being marketed by the Corcoran Group, range from $600,000 for a 525-square-foot studio to $1.7 million for a 1,450-square-foot three-bedroom, according to Raizy Haas, vice president for development at the Intell Management and Investment Company, the developer. Occupancy is expected in the spring of 2006."

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    Default alcove studio - appreciation?

    got an east facing unit looking over the postoffice but facing the Mcgraw hill building. (that older glass buiding) Its a 520 alcove studio for 479K. It was 10% downpayment within 5 days of receiving the contract and another 10% in 6 months. first half of the building is done in a year from now and the other half is done in 2 years from now. My concern is how much i can expect to gain in appreciation as the market slows down in 1 to 2 years, with interest rates slowly rising. Any thoughts??? Kind of concerned whether this will be a good investment. I am thinking whether there will be anyone who is willing to pay 600-700K for a alcove studio in a luxury building in a prime location in 2-3 years from now. ???

    let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

    btw. 200 units out of 500 have already been sold in 2 weeks. only 2 studio's remaining as of today. there were 5 this morning when we were at the office but 3 disappeared today. free warm breakfast, healthclub, spa, roofdecks, etc.

    Let me know abt the appreciation potential guys.


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    Great, now you can invite the whole forum over!

    Here are some articles that might answer some of your concerns:

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