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Thread: Long Island City Development

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    Default to complement Brooklyn's hotel glut, now we can get a LIC glut

    I'm skeptical there is so much demand for $350 a night rooms in LIC, but its great news if they can pull this off. But we still need to tear down that parking garage and build a tall tower to complete western LIC inner core potential.

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    Default re:Next major Building at cresecent and 43rd ave

    I was told that the construction on the corner site of crecent and 43rd ave begins in jan they are supposed to close the parking lot on the corner dec 31. This is the rockrose site directly behind the united nations credit corp building. They said 30 stories but i dont know if that could be true. well hey its a rockrose site

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    If this is the site immediately adjoining the UN Credit Union bldg, hopefully it will be tall enough to completely cover the ugly blank wall there.

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    Does this include that beautiful little red brick building on the corner? Or is it just the parking lot, and if it is the whole site, boy is that a huge base. I hope it'll have some retail, that area sure needs it.

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    I heard 30 stories so it will cover the wall and yes i heard the red building goes also .There supposedly is only one old guy left and he is about 81-82 years old

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    Default two other projects in the lic core

    photograpers get ready for the two new sites i opened my window and what do i see but new construction surrounding the old engine factory garage on the corner of 43rd ave and and hunter st. i hera its going to be 15 stories residential. also the gutting of the building across from fusion has begun

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    Default like it a big developer with a good architect

    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    You're not kidding. I like their style.
    Karl Fischer Architects, remember the name - it's quality architecture.
    This is what this city needs more of:

    Queen's Plaza (God, I hope this happens and soon)

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    What ^ ?

    Are they opening a casino in LIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    What ^ ?

    Are they opening a casino in LIC
    Yea get ready for Ocean's Fourteen!

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    Equally crap to so many other buildings, i dont know how someone can like this but hate so much other almost identical buildings.

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    well, hopefully we can all agree that the queens plaza parking garage is ass. and as development continues to progress in the immediate area, the garage's days look to be fewer and fewer in number. there may end up being a parade when that concrete mass eventually meets the reckoning ball of wrecking.

    peace to all my LIC peoples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    What ^ ?

    Are they opening a casino in LIC
    It reminds me of the hideous San Francisco Marriott

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    Right now anything coming up in or around QP, makes it look light years better!

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    Default Lic Core

    Well all i can say is that there are four major projects underway in the lic core includng a 42 story building with 702 apartments! at the corner of 43rd ave and crescent street. look up the permits on the DOB website under the 12/06/07 permit get ready for the 2nd mega builging.

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    Here's an article about the Queens Plaza development from the Queens Ledger.

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