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Thread: New Yankee Stadium - by HOK Sport

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    Second verdict is in.

    February 24, 2010

    Concrete-Test Co. Guilty in NYC Landmarks Case


    Filed at 4:33 p.m. ET

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A once-prominent concrete testing company and two of its leaders were convicted Wednesday of racketeering by systematically faking results for such landmarks as the new Yankee Stadium and ground zero's signature skyscraper.

    A jury found Testwell Laboratories Inc., its president and a vice president guilty of enterprise corruption, the state's version of racketeering.

    Vice President Vincent Barone stared steadily ahead as he heard the verdict, which carries a mandatory prison term of at least a year and the possibility of up to a 25-year term. President V. Reddy Kancharla wasn't there, with the court's permission, due to illness, his lawyer said.

    They and the company had been convicted earlier of lesser charges -- with no mandatory prison time -- in a sprawling case that accused the company of falsifying concrete and steel test results for nearly 120 projects in and around New York City. They include such icons as ground zero's Freedom Tower and such crucial pieces of infrastructure as the forthcoming Second Avenue subway line.

    The tower, the subway line, the stadium and at least 19 other buildings have been declared safe after retesting. But officials are still awaiting results on at least 60 more.

    Prosecutors, who had no immediate comment after the verdict, said Testwell's operation was riddled with fraud, from doctored results on concrete samples from construction sites to made-up steel tests that reported inspections of welds that didn't exist.

    Defense lawyers said the charges made crimes out of honest mistakes, contract disputes and widespread practices in the industry. The now-bankrupt Testwell and the executives didn't intend to deceive anyone, their lawyers said.

    ''The company was not a criminal enterprise,'' said Testwell lawyer Cesar de Castro. He said he respected the verdict but was considering an appeal.

    Kancharla's lawyer, Paul Shechtman, said he was planning an appeal.

    ''I've never had a client who believed in his innocence more than Reddy Kancharla, and I'm confident we will continue to fight in the courts to prove that,'' he said.

    While Kancharla and Barone were convicted of numerous underlying charges in the racketeering case, including scheme to defraud and falsifying business records, they also were acquitted of some charges, he noted.

    Barone's attorney, Andrew Lankler, declined to comment.

    The case was among of a roster of prosecutions that arose from the city's recent building boom, which prosecutors say was riddled with shortcuts and corruption.

    Testwell systematically altered -- or simply made up -- results for tests designed to insure buildings will hold up, prosecutors said.

    ''Corruption became part of the building process, as much as concrete and steel'' were, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Diana Florence told jurors in a closing argument.

    One Testwell manager, Wilfred Sanchez, was acquitted last week of enterprise corruption and all the other charges against him. His lawyer said Sanchez mainly worked as a steel inspector and had nothing to do with the allegedly falsified test results.

    Two Testwell engineers have pleaded guilty to conspiracy, acknowledging they knew Testwell data on concrete formulas were bogus. They are expected to pay more than $100,000 in fines apiece but not to get jail time.

    Several other officials and employees are to be tried separately on various charges.

    Copyright 2010 The New York Times Company

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    ^ You wouldn't want them to subpoena your Wired New York data; never know what use they'll put that do.

    Righteous outrage and professional polish gets you only so far.

    (Word to the wise.)
    Subpoena away I stand by every word i type.

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    I don't do subpoenas. Other people do subpoenas.

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    Well ill check my mailbox on a regular basis then..

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    Bronx seeks a hotel home run

    The borough wants to find a developer to build a high-end hostelry and conference center on the site of a struggling four-story car park near Yankee Stadium.

    By Lisa Fickenscher
    September 19, 2011 11:48 a.m.

    A failed four-level parking lot near Yankee Stadium could become a first-class hotel if the right plan—and ultimately developer—can be found to do the job.

    The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. issued a request for expressions of interest on Monday to build a hotel and conference center on the site of a new, badly underutilized garage operated by the Bronx Parking Development Co.

    “A major hotel and conference center has been a priority for the people of the Bronx for decades," said Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. in a statement. “For years, my office and the BOEDC have heard from both developers and hotel operators expressing their desire to develop a new hotel in the vicinity of Yankee Stadium.”

    The issue came to head because the Bronx Parking Development Co. is at risk of defaulting on the bonds that financed the construction of three new parking facilities near the new Yankee Stadium.

    “Because of low demand for the parking, we had a risk of not being able to make the bond payments,” said Chuck Lesnick, vice president of Bronx Parking Development. He added that the loans are not now in default.

    The problem for Bronx Parking Development is that all too few fans are using its pricey new facilities.

    Instead, more bomber fans are taking public transportation or opting for cheaper parking nearby. The new Gateway Shopping Center, just a few blocks away from the stadium, has been attracting fans to its parking garages, which charge about $4 an hour, compared with $35 per game for a self-park space in the stadium garages or $45 for valet service.

    Meanwhile, according to Metro-North, an average of 3,900 attendees use the commuter line and its new train station at the stadium to get to weekend games, while 3,200 take the train to games during the week.

    There are 9,000 parking spaces near Yankee Stadium, and Bronx Parking Development has said that barely half of them are occupied on game days.

    According to the proposal, the city would like to convert garage No. 8, a four-level, 749,700-square-foot facility with 2,411 parking spaces, into what it describes as a first-class hotel that would include a “high-end penthouse level restaurant,” as well as retail space. The garage is located at East 153rd Street and River Avenue.

    Mr. Lesnick predicted that the hotel might even attract the Yankees' visiting baseball teams, all of which currently opt for hotels in Manhattan.

    ©2011 Crain Communications Inc

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    Maybe if they didn't charge $35 to park more people would utilize the garages. I know I would.

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    $48? No wonder folks reject it ...

    Pricey Yankee Stadium parking garages hardly used and
    owner heading for default on $237 million in bonds

    Lots part of new stadium deal but have turned into waste of space — 21 acres — producing nothing for taxpayers


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    City funding of various aspects of YS and Citifield has turned the term privately-funded into a farce.

    The city builds parking facilities, and then a Metro North station to compete with them. From the MTA webpage:
    MTA Metro-North Railroad's new Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station, located on the Hudson Line, takes you out to the ball game without having to deal with the hassles of parking, tolls, and traffic.

    Getting to and from the game is a one-ticket ride from our Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven lines. Once there, it's under a 10-minute walk from the station to the stadium.
    You can't make this up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    City funding of various aspects of YS and Citifield has turned the term privately-funded into a farce.

    The city builds parking facilities, and then a Metro North station to compete with them. From the MTA webpage:

    You can't make this up.
    And you can enjoy a couple of warm $15.00 cans of Fosters and not have to worry about a DUI.

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    Why is everyone making out like this is a bad thing? Here are my conclusions:

    1. Yankees fans are wisely using public transportation instead of private automobiles, sparing their own pocketbooks and the lungs of local Bronx-dwellers.

    2. Bondholders who invested in this environmentally-and-community unfriendly development will lose their money. Hooray! Hopefully, future investors will think twice the next time someone proposes to put parking garages in communities that don't need them.

    3. Currently, public land is being wasted to park cars 3 hours per day, 90 days per year -- meaning, the sites sit empty approximately 97% of the time. With the default, the City can reclaim the land and put it to more productive use. While the article mentions a hotel or low income housing, and those uses may make sense in the long term, in the short term the land should be used to restore some of the parkland that was stolen from the community for the new Yankee Stadium. Nothing fancy, just some bb and handball courts, perhaps a dog run.

    It's a win-win.

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    Fat chance the city will return the land to parks or open public use. Didn't the generous city spenders build new parks on top of some of those behemoth parking structures in trade for actual park / play space that was taken for the new Stadium?

    So much for the wisdom of urban planners paid with our tax dollars ...

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    It's never a win-win when there is a default of a municipal bond issue. It makes it more expensive to attract future investment.

    The hotel already wanted subsidies. That will get worse.

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