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Thread: Times Square billboard

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    Default Times Square billboard

    A family walked past me as I waited to cross the street today. A young boy said to his parents, "Why do they put up pictures like that? I thought I wasn't allowed to see those types of pictures."

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    They shouldn't put such signs where so many people are walking.

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    This is New York though. We don't really mind our P's and Q's if you know what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronxBoy
    This is New York though. We don't really mind our P's and Q's if you know what I mean.
    Not really but I assume there are many other signs like this in NY. I still think that at least some places shouldn't show such signs.

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    Dear yyy,

    The signs of New York are not rushing to plant themselves on your doorstep, and you are under no obligation to come and look at them.

    If you feel like picking the city apart by your generous offer to critique what here passes for decoration, you should briefly reflect upon the happy confluence of time and place, grit and energy, not to mention much too bridled human imagination essential to its rise above the ordinary, and that some people like to call New York home because, thankfully, it is just a tad different from damn well anywhere else.

    Precisely how a little artificial feminine beauty might blight one's senses is a mystery to me. Let's all - men and women - walk around in cardboard boxes from now on. A barcode for identification should suffice.

    Now, I hope you do feel at home wherever you currently dwell. Simply remember others have a home too.


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    Where would you suggest the billboard be placed, YYY?

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    This billboard is pretty similar to other billboards in Times Square. See the thread Sexy bodies in Times Square. Of course, I understand it might be shocking for some to see a naked woman 3-stories high.

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    I understand that you cannot put special signs for each one, but I think that signs that show such things should be put elsewhere (Schadenfrau, I don't know exactly where but some less popular place where small children might not be, can be good). I just think that in such a popular and beautiful place some signs might make it less honorable.
    By the way, personatly, I don't get hurt by looking at such signs but the example of the little boy from the first post is why I think that it isn't the appropriate place for such.

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    I don't think people should let sighns like this be put at any public place.
    Many parents want not to let their kids see this and if theres a sigh 3 feet tall showing this, they will not be able to stop them from seeing it at all. We should respect those parental decisions and not put such things in public.

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    What about underwear ads?

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    Is not like she is having sex and I don't even see any sexual parts. I say what kids are seeing here is sort of what kids will see when they go to the beach or a lake or whatever (but with 'some revealing' swimware :roll: ). besides kids will spend more of their time looking at other colorful signs in Times Square than they will spend the time analyzing this tall woman... i am afraid only the parents will. :wink:

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    And soon enough.... those kids, well atleast the male ones, will be seeking out pictures like this on the internet and in magazines. And after that the picture will not be the least bit shocking or..... exciting. :twisted:

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    Actually, I also think that most of the little ones won't want to look at such signs but as you can see in the first post - some did

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    I think that billboard is far more appropriate for Times Square than it is for a more residential neighborhood.

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    Understanding your perspective and point of view might be easier if we knew where you resided. The simple act of filling in few key fields in your user profile allows me, at least, to have a better understanding of your perspective.

    For instance, we have some members on here who have strong feelings about the WTC developments and the details of the masterplan. For me, I give a great deal of consideration to folks living in BPC, who are going to be directly impacted.

    I have no idea whether you are from Midtown, Middletown, or Capetown. If you are a New Yorker, I find your "shock" and "dismay" kind of incredible. If you are from someplace where this is all new to you, I'd be willing to cut you some slack.

    Overall, I think it's the parent's obligation to let the kid know that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of and that the lady is vvery pretty asnd that's why she is up there on the billboard. You really haven't articulated an argument as to why it shouldn't be there. You just say that "They shouldn't put such signs where so many people are walking."

    The question for Bernie is, "How did the parents reply to that kid?"

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