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Thread: Nassau Coliseum development

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    Drugs are bad

    BTW, having it at museum row will put it closer to the museums and NCC than at the coliseum. So, yes, museum row is a better location. And smart development is what is being proposed for the hub, though they kind of need a bit more transit for the area, not just buses.

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    Default Nassau Coliseum

    Yes, well....yuk & stupid are appropriate terminology when used in the context....

    I'm not a naive person....and I don't appreciate the disrespect that you portray to folks you don't even know.

    I spend my life explaining things in an intelligent manner....sorry, you can't tell.

    I am not the only one that has a passion for these things.....I see that you do not understand that.

    There are unified people....many, of whom are CEOs and Executive Directors of some of these aforementioned museums......that are banding together to create something wonderful........The Long Island Arts Alliance is a powerful force.

    We aren't putting Manhattan down, and I don't think IT needs YOU.

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    The way you are expressing yourself, in words and in colors, is not helping this cause that you seek. It's obvious that we are trying to discuss this with you intelligently and maturely. But you keep coming back with defensiveness. Can't we all discuss this like adults?

    When you say "we", who are you referring to? The LIAA or Long Islanders in general? I hope you're not suggesting that all Long Islanders feel this much jealousy and anger about Manhattan. It's just not so.

    I'd like to ask you again - what are you doing for your cause, besides coming here and making negative statements about Manhattan?

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    Default Nassau County

    Sorry, about the colors, but....they are there to use!

    It just shows how fun and expressive these forums COULD be.

    I am trying to reinstitute the Office of Cultural Nassau County.

    Sorry, about the expressiveness......I am not a sheep. I like to express....I like to be in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandadoll View Post

    I am trying to reinstitute the Office of Cultural Nassau County.
    How exactly?

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    Default Nassau County

    Do you want me to delineate the entire thing here?

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    Are you really going to make you ask a third time?

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    Wink Nassau County

    Alrighty then...

    We are getting together a petition.

    I'm not exactly sure "who" you are, so I am apprehensive about discussing

    We are serious about the many good things happening in the cultural arts area.....we just want everyone to benefit....and participate.

    Sorry.....I do like playing with the colors.

    They are so expressive

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    You don't seem apprehensive about telling everyone else that they don't get it and they're wrong. But when it comes to talking about your actions, not just spouting words, you have a problem with that.

    With all this talk, I thought you would be doing more besides getting together a petition. But I guess it's just that. Talk.

    Thanks for clarifying.

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    Cool Nassau County

    Mmmm...."doing more than just getting a petition together"? any ideas? It is so mired in is pathetic. If you know something, I don't ......tell me.

    We worked so hard on putting a sort of group together to try to save some of the old Historic buildings....and a group took control and......where are they? Poof! I don't have any power other than.....numbers. That's why we were going to try a petition, but, if you have information......please, let me know. I have tried writing a, I thought maybe it would be harder to ignore a lot of us.

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    Question Update

    Any new news or renderings of any of the plans for and around the Coliseum?

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    I lived on Long Island - in Nassau County - for 32 years. It cannibalized itself. It is not a cultural hotbed of anything except racially divided communities and drive-thru everything for pear-shaped fat house wives. The only thing Nassau County has going for it is its beaches and Suffolk County to the east and Jersey to the south have better beaches.

    Nassau is bereft of anything cultural and anything remotely worth venturing to from anywhere - other than a relatives home (and then you have to deal with finding parking because there are so many illegal basement and garage apartments.)

    Nassau was the first true suburb in the country and it is the most perfect example of what happens when crooked politicians get into office and make deals to benefit their buddies. The place is over-crowded, poorly planned, ugly to look at, and was rated as one of the most racist and racially divided counties in the country.

    It's a crummy county of cheaply built, poorly designed, and overly illuminated McMansions. I'm from there, but I'm not proud of it. There is no drive more unpleasant than a drive into Nassau County.
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    Cool Nassau County

    Oooo...ha ha better not tell all of the folks involved with the tremendous amount of "cultural" things that are happening on Long Island, that they aren't creative....

    I don't think they would appreciate your cynicism......LOL

    I AM an artist, and I must tell you there are so many things going may not realize it, unless, you particpate in them....

    The Long Island Arts Alliance is and is becoming even more....of an influenctial force. Don't be so sure to write us off.......

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    I only hit three art shows on Long Island: Huntington and Roslyn. Both exhibit quality artists and, unfortunately, there's a lot of overlap. The other isthe Long Beach craft fair - lots of crap - but great beach setting.

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    Herald Community Newspapers
    Hub plan headed to Hempstead
    By Doug Miller February 08, 2007

    The Nassau Legislature voted 16-2 on Monday to give Lighthouse Development Group its blessing to begin the process of negotiating with the Town of Hempstead over the future development of the 77-acre Nassau Hub site.

    But the approval came with a terse admonition from legislators on both sides of the aisle, who warned that many of the existing conditions of the memorandum of understanding between County Executive Thomas Suozzi and Lighthouse were unacceptable, and that not enough had yet been done to alleviate the concerns of the surrounding communities.

    The Legislature approved a resolution that would authorize Suozzi to execute an agreement with Lighthouse Development Group, a consortium made up of Islanders owner Charles Wang and his partners, which include Reckson Real Estate Corp., to redevelop the land around the Nassau Coliseum into a multi-use sports, residential, commercial and retail facility that would include several more hockey rinks for public use, a minor league baseball team and a mix of high-end and affordable housing.

    Before the vote, the agreement was amended to include language designed to smooth the ruffled feathers of certain North Shore legislators, who had complained that, by giving the Town of Hempstead full authority to regulate the zoning of the project, the deal excluded North Hempstead and Oyster Bay residents from participating. The amendment requires Lighthouse to hold community outreach meetings in those two towns also, and authorizes the supervisors of each to appoint a member to the project's oversight committee.

    And Scott Rechler, chairman and CEO of Reckson, made himself available to the legislators before the vote for public questions. "This project will enable Nassau County to be more competitive," he said. "It will drive jobs here."
    He estimated the project would create 15,000 construction jobs and, once completed, $50 million to $60 million annually in additional property taxes.
    He also revealed that, as part of their partnership, Reckson and Wang had pooled all their resources, in essence making each other partners in all aspects of the Hub project. It also means Reckson is now a co-owner of the New York Islanders.

    Rechler said he planned to meet with Town of Hempstead officials "immediately" to begin negotiations on the scope of the process. He said he was hopeful that public hearings on the matter could begin to take place in six to seven months. Once begun, the process is expected to take at least a year.

    Once Lighthouse has all the approvals from the Town of Hempstead, it must return to the Legislature for final approval of the lease, since Nassau County is the owner of the land. A rider in the agreement between Wang and the county would transfer ownership of the land to Lighthouse at the completion of what is likely to be a 99-year lease.

    When the matter was before the finance committee Jan. 22, concerns were raised that if the Legislature votes down the plan ultimately worked out between Wang and the Town of Hempstead, the deal allows the Islanders to break their lease at the coliseum, which is due to expire in 2015.

    But the Legislature's minority leader, Republican Peter Schmitt, announced on Monday that he will vote against the final lease if it still contains the clause about transferring ownership of the property. "I'm voting to approve this, to move it along," Schmitt said. "But when the lease comes back I will not be able to support it."

    His comments were echoed by Legislator Francis X. Becker, a Republican of Lynbrook, who also voted in favor of the resolution.

    The 19th member of the Legislature, Democrat Craig Johnson, recused himself from all Hub-related votes because he is an associate of a law firm that represents the Coliseum management.

    Voting against were Republicans Vincent Muscarella, whose district includes Garden City and West Hempstead, and Richard Nicolello, whose district includes several North Hempstead communities on the north side of Old Country road. Both expressed frustration that, as the owner of the property, the Nassau County Legislature would not have enough say over what is built there. "To put this before the Town of Hemsptead is an abdication of our responsibility," Muscarella said.

    Nicolello warned that the future Legislature would feel too cowed by the magnitude of the project to vote against it, no matter what the repercussions. "There is no way we will be able to say no to such powerful developers as these," he said. "There is no way we will be able to say no to organized labor. There is no way we will be able to say no to the Islanders. We are losing our ability to influence this development."

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