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Thread: GE Building, Rockefeller Center Models

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    Default GE Building, Rockefeller Center Models

    Hey, Im Alex, I am currently modelling the whole of midtown New York using a 3d program called 3d studio max. I am making the model in full 3d with textures, The model will be accurate by using maps, floor plans, side elevations & pictures etc. The apperance would look like what you have seen for proposed building renderings.

    I have started with the Rockefeller Center and current status can be seen in picture renderings below :

    I need help with finding high quality pictures of the main GE Building, in particular at street level,lower floors from all 4 sides of the building & any pictures of the skyscraper in general (I already have a collection of images from search engines, etc)

    I would really appreciate any help on this project.

    If you cant help, please can you post some opinions of the work so far, keep in mind I am 17, live 3000miles away from NYC, and have never visited before, I am very interested in architecture and you have a great forum here!


    Pixart 3D

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    Modeling all of Midtown Manhattan is a tall order. But you have done a fine job with Rock Center.

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    Once upon a time I was going to make a 3D Model of Downtown. :lol: But after WTC was complete and WFC was "topping out", the file become too huge to be managed by my system, so I had to stopp. Hope you've got a fast computer. Happy to see that I'm not the only one interested in modeling of NYC
    Renderings show you are succeeding. Good luck!

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    Shit that is one hell of a task.

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    an autocad 3d drawing of Manhattan must exist somewhere?? In Sydney (Oz) you need to submit a 1 to 100 model to the council when you submit plans. They have a huge model of the city open to the public. I think you also need to submit a 3d computer model. That's the way to do it.
    Isn't the military making a 3d model of the world? I hear that they've already got an accurate one of Kuwait.


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    Member, Just Rich, has already made a 3-D map of Manhattan, the building envelopes are exacting.

    While I can't find the map itself here's some side projects:

    You'll definetly want to get in touch with him, send him an Im, he's always ready to assist.

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    Thanks for all the replys,

    yepole - Good to hear someone else who has tried this project, do you have any pictures of what you did ? Im interested.

    Stern - Nice link, and I will make sure to contact Just Rich.

    The project might take a while, ok maybe a year, but it will be worth it.

    Once its complete, how much do you think it would be worth if it is all at the same standard as the pictures I showed, I have heard companies pay a large amount of money for these models, you can see a model of NYC used in the One Bryant Park (Bank of America) video :

    For now I need research photos, would anyone be able to take any photos from street level for me, as I know you go out to construction sites to keep records of building construction.

    Thankyou for your time,

    Pixart 3D.

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    There used to be Java3D Applets, so you was actually able to walk/ fly through it, but I didn't update them for a long time and now they are, well, not available. Additionally my 3DMax is not working now, so what I've found are just a few intermediate renderings, quite far from where I've finished.

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    Thanks yepole, thats the exact same scene I made when I started, p.s I like the new site.

    When Midtown is complete who do you think would be interested in purchasing it ? and for how much ? I wouldnt know, maybe a department of the Mayors Office or New York Real Estate ?

    Here is what it looks like so far :

    Im currently working on the front, and I really need pictures of the back, can anyone please help me out?


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    Thanks Tom,

    Does anyone have pictures of the very top of the building, you can see from my progress pic above that it doesnt have the top windows.

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    From Sixth Avenue Entrance

    Main Entrance on Plaza

    Radio City Music Hall
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    those are some great pictures ! Thanks very much

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    Heres a long link to a model :

    not that accurate to detail but its ok.

    Can anyone get me any pictures of the top of the rockefeller GE Building?

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    I loaded a whole bunch o' images here:

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