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Thread: Higgins Hall Center Wing/Connection - Pratt Institute - by Steve Holl / Rogers Marvel

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    I love the way it looks at night, but damn it if it doesn't look like aluminum siding on an old colonial home in Jersey.

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    Cool Higgins Center Wing

    Check out Steven Holl Architects webpage
    View Pics
    The Higgins Hall Center Section, designed by Steven Holl Architects, was dedicated on September 22. The new Center Section connects the North and South Wings of Higgins Hall, a New York City landmark building that houses the Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

    Higgins Hall North

    Higgins Hall South

    main entrance to the building is the Center Wing

    sexy models


    another sexy model
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    Could be worse, but these guys are really into utilitarian.

    Pattern comes from exposed floor slabs, Zippy, but here with metal end caps. Improvement?

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    Just when you thought you had enough...

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    Nice! For me it works. You´ve got 2 powerful antique buildings that you´ve got to link together. Doing it this way, with a temporary looking construction-site asthetic is a smart solution ....and I think very cool. It looks like the structure could be folded up and carted away, leaving the historic structures to carry on as always. The piazza looks great and and I bet it will get good use. It´s closed in enough to make it seem room-like... almost like a lobby. Notice all the places to sit and hang out, without resorting to furniture. The little entrance attachment is a wonderful transition from piazza to building. I´m impressed.
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    Default Studio Spaces

    What year students use these studio spaces? I think that they are fine if you work there in class and then go home to work, but if those are the upper class spaces then I don't think that i would want to work there. There doesn't seem to be any personal space to pin up you work at your desk, make models, or have any type of semi privite work space. Can you use power tools in the studio? Where are the Graduate studios? Is this building good to work in, or is it just a nice expression for the Architecture School? I am going to be applying to the 1 year master for next fall, are any of you currently enroled in this program?

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    Thumbs down

    While the design has some nice elements -- I really do not like the utilitarian siding job and the red window frames. It looks like someone sandwiched in a wood shed from North Dakota -- alebit a nice wood shed.

    The concrete classrooms also leave much to be desired and look dark and grim.

    They could have done so much with this project -- even a simple glass cube between the buildings creating a large atrium and lobby area with maybe a few classroms would have been a lot better.

    In general, the project seems very low-budget.

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    An article at (mentioned in todays edition of Curbed) :

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    sorry for digging up old news, but if anyone has those posted photos saved, could u post them up again? better yet, if anyone has plans or sections of the center section itd be greatly appreciated! ive searched everywhere already!

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    I uploaded some plans and sections on my photostream.

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    thank u! that helps a lot! very much appreciated

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