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Thread: Manhattan aerial views

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    This seems like a good place for these. From July.

    All from:

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    Post Manhattan Aerial Views

    Wow .............. great set of photos.
    It's like having Manhattan Island in the palm of your hand.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Has anyone ever tried taking aerial shots of New York from a seat in a commercial jetliner? I've had some really great views of the city flying in and out of Newark and always think I should have had my camera ready.

    These are a great set. Thanks.

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    I've seen quite a few, and some of the pictures earlier in the thread appear to be from airliners. I'm not sure how the people are getting their cameras out during take off or final approach, though. Usually the flight attendants get angry if you have your ipod out and on your person, much less turned on. I can't imagine what they'd do if you took your camera out and started snapping pictures.

    Perhaps international carriers are more reasonable? That's my guess.

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    I've seen a few of people take photos during flight ascent/descent. I don't think your suppose to though.


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    great pics on this thread

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    Nice pics make me miss Manhattan so much...

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    Sorry to bump old threads, but I found this in a box of my dad's things and wanted to share it. It's dated October 14, 1976 on the back..

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    A slightly different take on "aerial", and much more scary.

    (click pics to enlarge)

    Photographer Leans From Rooftops So You Don't Have To

    by Amna Siddiqui

    Pictured in sneaks and skinny jeans is NYC-based photographer and madman Navid Baraty looking down at a Manhattan streetscape from way, way above. The photographer tells Curbed, "It feels pretty incredible being above NYC. You feel so detached from the city, and it's amazing to just observe the flow of a city from above." Awesome, but we're getting chills just from thinking about it!

    Currently in the middle on an ongoing series titled Intersection, the photographer is documenting city life, flow, and character from rooftops, and is willing tolean over the edges of tall buildings and skyscrapers for the perfect shot. Baraty, who recently did a similar project in Tokyo, began his Manhattan installation of Intersection a few months back. As he found himself working in various sky-high buildings over the summer doing photo shoots, Baraty decided to take full advantage of his rooftop access. Commenting on the buildings, taxis, merging traffic, and swarms of pedestrians seen from above, the photographer tells us, "It sort of just puts everything in perspective and makes you realize how small you really are." Hey, we feel the same way from the ground!

    NYC Intersections From High Above [My Modern Met]

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    Good stuff everyone, thanks all for sharing.

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    Wow, that's pretty scary with your feet bungling that high above the streets.

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