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Thread: 323-325 Park Ave. South

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    Default 323-325 Park Ave. South

    These dumpy buildings are largely empty, but for one tenant, and have scaffolding on them.

    It appears that Tessler bought them last year. This is one of a few horrible sites on PAS that I'd love to see redeveloped. It's in Tessler's interest to do so given the proximity to 240 PAS. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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    Tessler is a developer, so I would imagine something is happening.

    Either condos or a hotel would work well.

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    I agree.

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    From's 3-4-08 edition:

    GraMurray: "Over the weekend I saw that the deli on the corner of 24th and Park Ave South was closed as was the store next to it. They were having their awnings removed and all signage was being taken down. It looks like a prime new development site based on the construction bridge and quick demo. Any info?" Picture of the carnage above!

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    Also the building next to it is abandoned. I've wondered about the taller building for a while, how such a large building in a prominent location can sit abandoned. Perhaps the entire block will be developed.

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    Which building is abandoned? The northernmost of the 3 little ones on PAS?

    I'd love to see an assemblage of the 3 little ones, the run-down residential to the east of the site and the parking lot to the east of that.

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    The building just north of the three little ones whose top is cut off in the photo.

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    I like that building. I hope that it's not razed.

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    Default its odd

    The bottom 2 floors of that building used to be occupied by a restaurant called Tanda (then Sage). It closed in 2004 and the owner of the building hasn't re-leased it. He was looking for a crazy price but has let the place just sit empty for 3 years despite getting multiple offers (so I am told). Maybe he knew that he would have the opportunity to sell the place to a developer or something.

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    Its okay but it wont be much of a loss. There's a plethora of these type of buildings in the area.

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    They're all worth saving though. Anyway, I don't think that Tessler owns the little dumpy building just south of it.

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    Another special from hot karl. Apparently there are height limits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    Another special from hot karl. Apparently there are height limits.
    Based on this rendering, it appears that the developer acquired the small building that housed Gregory's Coffee.

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    Replacing little dumpy buildings with a big dumpy one. Not sure that's an improvement.

    Karl Fischer's stuff (particular for NY) has gotten really bad.

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    hot Karl describes his work perfectly, i big stinky steamy Hot Karl

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