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Thread: One 57 - 157 West 57th Street - 1003 feet - by Christian de Portzamparc

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    There is more than its fair share of construction (of dubious quality) going on. But besides that I find the "progressive" culture here to be surprisingly retrograde and I don't care for the nightlife scene--your choice is between sports bars or Irish pubs (BIG difference between the two, amirite?).

    Sorry, not trying to turn this thread into a referendum on Boston

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    So I have to say, I get to Boston maybe twice a year, and on one hand, the level of nerd subculture is high and nice (comic book shops in NYC are not what they are in Boston, sorry midtown!), I find you are correct about the nightlife. The proliferation of excellent restaurants never seemed to reach boston from nearly every other city in the country (Even the small city of my eye, Rochester NY, has Cure, and Good Luck, and The Owl House, each with their own NYC fine dining flare). I find it challenging to get to anywhere particularly pleasurable in Boston, although I did enjoy a meal I had there at, hmm, what was the place, Lucky's Lounge, over on Congress St by the Harbor. Even then, there's about a thousand acres too much surface parking around what could and should be a vibrant downtown neighborhood.

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    There are a few people who have been posting on both archB and wiredNY; one of which was Ablarc, and I continue to see some cross-polinization going on with the busy bee architecture enthusiasts. The archB forum is a must read for me because there is plenty of both commentary and photos of new building activity - and it is 'exclusively' about Architecture.

    OH, CZSZ who once posted (if it the same person) here is a fairly regular poster at archBoston: that another one I wish would post here more often - he's not much for posting photos, but wrights a lot of great commentary. Smart guy.

    I need to get back on topic. CHEERS.....get it.
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    Yes , unfortunately this is a fake Portzamparc project, is a Goldstein hill and west project , in fact is a boring banal set back structure , only skin and curves are interesting.

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    0/19 6:07pm
    Yes , unfortunately this is a fake Portzamparc project, is a Goldstein hill and west project , in fact is a boring banal set back structure , only skin and curves are interesting.

    The king has his crown. (Matt Chaban)
    The finished product. (Extell)
    The MAS Summit has offered plenty of rousing discussions about design and architecture in the city, and cities around the globe, for the past two days at the Time Warner Center. But there was also an unexpected architectural treat outside. As readers are well aware, we here at The Observer arerather obsessed with One57 and its skyward march. Now, for the first time we have seen, the curving cornice of the building has been installed.
    This revelation was exciting not simply for the continued progress of the city’s biggest apartment building and the reshaping of the Central Park skyline, but also because of something we learned while reporting this week’s feature on Goldstein, Hill & West: it was they, and not the celebrated Christian de Portzamparc, who is responsible for the crown of One57.
    And in perhaps the firm’s greatest coup, the city’s biggest and grandest, apartment tower (for the moment), One57, is also a Goldstein, Hill & West production, according to two separate sources. French Pritzker Prize winner Christian de Portzamparc had been working on the building, but like so many other developers, Mr. Barnett turned the designs over to Mr. Hill to make them work.
    When Kondylis & Partners dissolved, Mr. Barnett, and more specifically his bankers, were anxious about leaving Extell’s biggest project to date in the hands of an untested firm, no matter how experienced the partners. Mr. de Portzamparc was brought back on to reconceptualize the 1,005-foot tower, and he has gotten all the credit ever since. When asked about the switch, Mr. Hill said he still sees his design, its familiar bends and curves. “I feel like Christian put his skin over the building that we formed and shaped,” Mr. Hill said.
    Mr. Barnett bristled at the assertion. “They were doing some work on it for a time, and we decided to go in a different direction,” he said. “Everything—the layouts, the plans—is different. That is an ugly thing for anybody to have said. It is untrue.”
    The whole thing has us wondering: Does it matter? Could you even tell if we had not mentioned it? Does this even compare to the LVMH building (de Portzamparc) or the towers of Riverside South (Goldstein, Hill & West)?
    It’s the kind of question they would ask at the MAS Summit: What is design, and does it really matter?


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    giorgio, see post # 1331.

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    Marketing spin and public 'perception' is of utmost importance on a high-design, high-profile, high-PRICED project like this: the Christian de Portzamparc name has that much needed European flare and sophistication.

    The 'design' credit will most likely go to Portzamparc, regardless of who 'deserves' credit; because that is how the building is now, and will continue to be, marketed.

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    Partial crane collapse here CNN is reporting and showing pictures

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    One WTC is whistling like a flute right now!

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    Looks like they didn't have it boomed down enough and it came back over the table. Strange accident.

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    New York Times
    October 29, 2012

    Crane Is Dangling Off Luxury High-Rise


    A crane hangs from a residential tower under construction ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

    As the winds in New York City intensified on Monday afternoon, the crane at a luxury skyscraper under construction at 157 West 57th Street was knocked off and was dangling precariously more than 80 stories above the ground.

    More than 100 police and firefighters rushed to the scene shortly after 2:30 p.m. and cordoned off surrounding blocks from spectators who withstood a buffeting mist to gawk and take pictures. Several nearby buildings and a hotel were being evacuated, officials said.

    The tower, known as One57, is to be the city’s tallest building with residences and perhaps its costliest, with duplexes being offered for $90 million.

    “We heard a big noise, and we didn’t know what it was,” said Victor Font, 40, who was eating lunch at Rue 57, a restaurant that looks out onto the high-rise building. They rushed outside and saw the huge crane drooping over the street. As the police rushed to the scene, he said, his first thought was: “What are they going to do? How in the world will they bring that down?”

    At 3:15 p.m., the wind started growing stronger, police officers began to widen the evacuation corridor, pushing pedestrians back to Fifth Avenue.

    Robert LiMandri, the city’s buildings commissioner, had ordered all exterior work at construction sites throughout New York suspended as of 5 p.m. Saturday.

    Buildings Department officials said they would be performing random spot-check inspections of construction sites here to ensure all equipment is secured.

    Generally, when winds are above 30 miles per hour, crane operations must stop, according to the buildings department. When there are sustained winds above 35 m.p.h., contractors must make efforts to secure their cranes.

    It was unclear how the crane at One57 was secured.

    It was also unclear how it will be safely brought down now that it is damaged. One police official at the scene said city officials would most likely consult with the construction company before taking any action.

    Gary Barnett, whose development company is behind the project, could not immediately be reached for comment.

    When it is complete, the building will be 1,005 feet high.

    There were no immediate reports of injuries.

    Because of the unusual nature of this hybrid storm, winds are expected to be stronger at higher elevations than on the ground. In the city, there are forecasts that there could be gusts of more than 100 m.p.h. measured at the top of skyscrapers.

    The boom on a crane at a skyscraper under construction on West 57th Street was collapsing.

    © 2012 The New York Times Company
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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishInNYC View Post
    Looks like they didn't have it boomed down enough and it came back over the table. Strange accident.
    Not a first time this happen...

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    NOT the first time.....! Gosh, seems like it happens 'every time'. This crashing crane happens way too often here in NYC: these guys just can't seem to get it right when it comes to properly stabilizing these contraptions. Inexusable!

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