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Thread: Condo conversion of Windsor Park - 100 West 58th St @ Sixth Ave - by Gwathmey Siegel

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    CONDOMINIUM BOARD (found in the 13th amendments)

    Juda Chetrit

    Meyer Chetrit
    The present members of the Condominium Board are as follows:
    Designated or Elected By and Office
    Residential Member designated by Sponsor - Vice President
    Residential Member designated by Sponsor
    Yitzchak Tessler Residential Member designated by Sponsor - Secretary
    Jack Graff Residential Member designated by commercial unit owner - Treasurer
    Michael Fischer Member elected by unit owners, unaffiliated with Sponsor President
    The Sponsor maintains control of the Condominium Board.

    1. TRANSFER OF UNITS (found in the 13th amendments)

    "On May 22, 2008, Sponsor, Windsor Tov LLC, redeemed the' minority
    membership interest in Sponsor that was owned by Yitzchak Tessler, a principal of
    Sponsor. In exchange for Mr. Tessler's membership interest, Sponsor transferred
    Unsold Units 3B, 4B, 6D, 12F and 8G to 58 Holdings YT LLC, and Unit PH2 to 58
    Realty YT LLC. Each of 58 Holdings YT LLC and 58 Realty YT LLC are owned and
    controlled by Yitzchak Tessler."

    As of January 1, 2009, Sponsor owns fourteen (14) residential units in
    the Building, detailed on Exhibit A (the "Unsold Residential Units"), and
    four commercial units, which are also listed on Exhibit A."

    Efraim Tessler
    Click here: Prudential Douglas Elliman (29 LISTINGS LOCATED AT 100 WEST 58TH ST WINSOR PARK

    1107 Broadway Trades for $235 M.—‘Going Condo-Condo!’
    10/30/2007 - New York Observer

    John Koblin

    "Not only is it going residential, it seems to be picking up exactly where Mr. Chetrit left off. There will be 180 units in the building, with asking prices starting at $1 million and with all of the properties marketed under Prudential Douglas Elliman, Mr. Tessler said. "

    . "The person in charge of selling those condos will be his son Efraim Tessler, who works at Douglas Elliman, Mr. Tessler said. "


    "Lehman wants to foreclose on Manhattan condos

    "Bankrupt Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. is suing to foreclose on a stalled condo project at 1107 Broadway, a building once marketed as being part of the Toy Building."

    Published:April 29, 2010 - 11:39 am

    (Bloomberg) - "Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. sued to foreclose on a stalled Manhattan condominium project, alleging developer Yitzchak Tessler failed to repay the $136.8 million senior mortgage.".....

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    Exclamation Miamigirl/Windsor Park

    1. All of the information that you are reading that was published by Miamigirl is FALSE. There are no problems at Windsor Park Condominium.

    2. Windsor Park had its first closing 5 years ago and as a building that went through a conversion and there were items that the Sponsor had to come back and repair and he did. 5 years later, the building is in outstanding condition. There are NO violations. Windsor Park is one of the nicest buildings in NYC. Windsor Park is a beautiful white glove building that offers impeccable service to its residents. Building staff is amazing.

    3. The truth is--Miamigirl purchased a unit in the building and closed on it around 4-5 years ago. The unit is on the 2nd floor and from the first day she moved in had buyers remorse and wanted the Sponsor to buy her out. She made all kinds of false complaints about her unit--including mold--and denied the building management access into her unit to inspect her complaints. She even hung a sign on her outside window claiming mold and was forced by a Judge to remove it. She stops at nothing to make things up in order to try and harrass the Sponsor into buying back her unit. All of her complaints are for the purpose of getting the Sponsor to buy her unit back.

    4. She filed a lawsuit against the Sponsor with all false allegations.

    6. There has only been 1 lawsuite commensed by anyone who purchased at Windsor Park and that lawsuit was the individual who goes by the name Miami Girl.

    If Windsor Park was in such bad shape then there would be many lawsuits filed by owners against the Sponsor. And there is only 1 (MiamiGirl)! Every negative comment being made on websites such as Wired are only by Miami Girl for the purpose of harrassing the Sponsor into settling.

    Anyone who is interested in purchasing at Windsor Park please do your homework contacting building management and see and tour the building for yourself. Don't rely on the false information being spread by Miamigirl for the purpose of harrassing the Sponsor.

    Miamigirl has a beautiful unit and anyone interested in our building should make her an offer. This would be a great time to get into Windsor Park!

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    Exclamation Miamigirl/Windsor Park


    1. She is the only owner at Windsor Park who purchased that sued the Sponsor.
    2. If there were actuall problems in the building as she states, there would be numerous lawsuits.
    3. She has made up false allegations in order to get the sponsor to buy back her unit.
    4. She has a history of this behavior in other buildings she has purchased in.
    5. Windsor Park is a beautiful building and NO problems at all.
    6. Do your homework and take a tour of this beautiful building.
    7. Miamigirl will stop at nothing to harrass the Sponsor until she gets her way.
    8. The Sponsor tried on numerous occassions to access her unit to address her complaints and was denied access.
    9. She is the only one suing and complaining on the boards. No other owners.
    10. She is also representing herself in Court. No lawyer. Has lots of free time on her hands.

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    To keep this interesting any of the involved parties could post links to actual court documents, or images of same.

    No need to let such a good fight fizzle out.

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    lofter1--you can't post "hot air". Waste of time. No issues at Windsor Park. Sure anyone can sue and make up false allegations such as Miamigirl. There would be a lot more credibility of there were many other suits. Lofter1--there are lots of problems with other buildings in the city where you actually see legitimate lawsuits made by purchasers who have real complaints like sinking buildings. At Windsor Park, Miamigirl is the only one who has sued. There are no problems. We have tried to assist her and she has always refused any assistance. Nothing more needs to be said. Time to move on to other buildings where unsafe conditions loom. Time for Miamigirl to and move on. She should put her unit on the market and sell or move in and enjoy it. We have a wonderful building. 1 block from Central Park and Central to everything.

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    Exclamation No other lawsuits...Miamigirl had buyers remorse.

    All Miamigirl wanted was for the Sponsor to buy her unit back. She had buyers remorse. There are no other lawsuits from other owners at Windsor Park. She is the only one who sued. A frivolus suit. The Courts feel sorry for her because she is handling the case perse. Should have been thrown out a long time ago.

    Let's all move on. Don't give her a second of attention. She is working hard to harrass the Sponsor to get him to buy her unit. Making up anything she can think of. You know...throw as much sh-t against the wall and hope that something sticks.

    I would buy her unit for the right price. Hey--Miamigirl--I will make you an offer. Would you entertain an offer? The C line is beautiful. You really should not waste your life on this frivolous complaint. Enljoy it...move into your unit and enjoy.

    let me know.

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    I'm almost ready to move on.

    But first: How about a photo of Miamigirl flipping out in the Windsor Park lobby

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    Do you have a picture? It would be humerous (and yet sad). She is such an angry person. Instead of just taking the time to enjoy life she spends her life angry at the world. Miamigirl--you should either put your unit on the market and sell it now (the real estate market is picking up) or move in and enjoy it. You and I both know that there is nothing wrong with the building (Windsor Park). Seriously, if there really was, there would have been a flood of lawsuites filed. In other buildings where there were problems there were a lot of suits filed. Other then your suit--NOT 1 suit was filed! Take a vacation, take a walk in Central Park. Enjoy life a little. Take a deep breath and try to relax a little. This anger mission you are on is really a waste of your time. Hey--the Sponsor has lawyers to do his work. He enjoys his life, travels and sees the world. You are just a small pimple on his a-s. You, on the other hand, are representing yourself in Court and spending full time on this. Perhaps you could spend this time volunteering your time to a non profit organization?

    Hey Lofter1--who are you anyway? Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a resident at Windsor Park? Would be nice to learn about you.

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    Never lived at WP, but have passed by it often.

    I'm an open book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRUTH about WP View Post
    lofter1--you can't post "hot air". Waste of time. No issues at Windsor Park.
    I personally have not found any 'issues' with Windsor Park. That being said, people do (and can) post ‘hot air’ on these forums: there is no way we can confirm or deny the truth of many of the claims made here by miamigirl.

    To be fair, I will say that I have had some direct contact with with new residents of Windsor Park: and I have not heard a single complaint from any of the three new residents of condo.

    As a contract installer for the ‘container store‘ I have done several installations, two custom closets & one home office system, and I do not recall a single complaint or negative comment about the condo.

    I know that does not exactly ‘set the record strait’;but I may help the case a bit.


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    Lightbulb Miamgirl/Windsor Park

    Appreciate your comments Infoshare. There are NO other lawsuits against the building from any other owners. That is proof enough that Miamigirl has made up all of these lies. With all of the lies she prints if any were true there would be a flood of lawsuits by other owners. Miamigirl is using the Courts to try and get the Sponsor to buy her out. As you stated, you know 3 owners in the building and have not heard a complaint. Anyone interested in doing their homework on Windsor Park are welcome to visit our building and see for yourself. Meet with the building resident manager, staff and owners.

    Unfortunately, people like Miamigirl are allowed to make such horrible slander and libelous statements on the internet and not be held accountable for them. Our Court system should criminally prosecute people like Miamigirl who wastes the Courts time with frivolous lawsuits.

    Hey Miamigirl--if you drop your frivolous lawsuit I will pay for Infoshare to redo your closets in your apartment. You could move in and actually enjoy NYC and take the time to relax and actually enjoy life. This anger mission you are on is only hurting yourself. Think about it. The Sponsor is living in a beautiful penthouse with a view of Central Park and having the time of his life. Your nothing but a small tiny little pimple on his a-s. He has lawyers that do all of his work. Who is doing your work??? You are spending full time on this mission. For what? To try and hurt all of the people who own units in the building? What have all of these unit owners ever done to you? Everyone who owns loves the building and location.

    Seriously, put your unit up for sale and sell it. Move on with your life. Better for your health. It is unhealthy to be so angry.

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    Hey lofter1 --26,285 posts. Very impressive.

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    Angry Miamigirl/Windsor Park

    Hey Miamigirl--I llive at Windsor Park and have had enough of your lies. You need to get a life. Nothing you say about the building is true.

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    You may be talking in an empty cave. Miamigirl was only here briefly, and hasn't visited in months.

    Do you and Truth About WP know each other?

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    Smile Miamigirl/Windsor Park

    Zippy...great to hear from you. As you can see I don't spend much time on the boards. It could take me years to catch up to your number of postings. The purpose of me responding to Miamigirls frivolous accusations about Windsor Park is so that the public or potential purchasers who read her comments can understand her true motive of buyers remorse and wanting the Sponsor to purchase back her unit. Why buyers remorse? Could be financial or could be she found another building she wants to live in. Don't know. However, Resorting to deceptive slanderous and libelous tactics to try and intimidate the Sponsor to buy back her unit is just plain disgusting. Every owner at Windsor Park is very happy with the building, location and service. There have never been any other lawsuits filed by other owners against Windsor Park in the 5 years since the first closing. Truth be said...I could care less if Miamigirls ever visits the site again. I just want expose Miamigirl for what she is. I actually feel bad for Miamigirl. It is sad that she lives with so much anger. I suggest that she put her unit up on the market, sell it and move on. The real estate market has picked up and she will command a good price on her market. Or hold onto the unit and move in or rent it out. Rental prices also command excellent value. Best wishes to you Zippy and make it a great day!

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