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Thread: Manhattan West Project - Brookfield

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    I'm disappointed as well. I would be okay with this design if it was built like this, but we all know that the designs are often made stodgier as the process moves along. The plans don't have anything to compromise, really.

    SOM-NY is lame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREPYE View Post
    I think they look fine. I can live with these two (sort of) twins. I hope they keep the slopes on the roof. They actually look very elegant to me. There is so much going on around this area.

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    Design is fine to me and size is about right. Problem is I wouldnt expect tenants to be lining up now, especially since they will get much more incentives to take WTC space

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    $600m to build a platform is a big risk IMO, I guess chances are the market will have turned two years and financial firms can think about upgrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonzo-ny View Post
    $600m to build a platform is a big risk IMO, I guess chances are the market will have turned two years and financial firms can think about upgrading.
    Not only that, but it sits in between the massive railyards development just to the west, and the massive MSG/Penn Station redevelopment just to the east. It practically begs to be developed.

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    The taller tower needs a more distinctive top if it is to be distinguished from the parade of
    1,000 footers that will fill the area.

    Some of the west side's taller proposals...

    And a parade of New York's tallest. I think the west side needs a spire in the mix of
    towers planned there. Or at least more distinctive designs like the WTC...

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    NYC is finally getting the new kind of towers that it deserves. The west is the best for now.

    Those closeups of Brookfield towers look really nice, but I agree that it could use a more distincitive top.

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    How's this going to impact the view of the Empire State Building from New Jersey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed007Toronto View Post
    How's this going to impact the view of the Empire State Building from New Jersey?
    obviously it will line up with ESB from some jersey vantage point

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    Note the enlarged photo of the SOM towers.

    Can anyone here explain how they will give the building a completely seamless glass skin, as shown?

    A skin that is also DISTANCED from the floors?

    The building looks like it is set in an aspic mold.

    And you folks are complaining about the flat top? Believe me guys, these are going to be the greatest, most revolutionary skyscrapers in the world. Ever.

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    Fabrizio, I was about to say the same thing, remembering we had that discussion a while back about the curved glass storefronts! This is a preposterous rendering. Expect all curves removed, and normal glass panels. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't taper either in the final product.

    Aspic mold...that was my laugh out loud moment of the day.

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    What's going on with the ground level there? Looks like a skating rink.

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    It looks like they spent an entire week coming up with this. It basically the HY proposal with something weird going on at ground level.

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    NYC is not about artful design. It is about maximizing revenue and profit. I really don't mind the designs.

    Surprised they didn't tell the renderer that MSG and Penn Plaza are on 8th Ave - not 9th Ave. That little detail in the reflection bugs me.

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