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Thread: Manhattan West Project - Brookfield

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    Not the best looking lobby, but certainly better than nothing.

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    They'll have a great view.


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    Build the Tower Verre antinimby's Avatar
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    It would have been greater if the original Penn Station was still there instead of the giant toilet bowl that is MSG and 2 Penn Plaza.

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    is this building approved yet

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    MSG is a disgusting looking structure from no matter where you view it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    It would have been greater if the original Penn Station was still there instead of the giant toilet bowl that is MSG and 2 Penn Plaza.
    It's also be greater if I lived with Summer Glau and not just some cats I adopted from the Humane Society.......oh and a flying jet car in the garage.

    I mean so long as we're wishing.

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    Nice model mockup.

    Am I right to guess that this is being housed on an upper floor in the Grace building?

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    Correct. That's a million dollar view!

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    Wow, it sure is! Empire City indeed.

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    Didn't the tops used to be curved? I prefer the earlier version. Fortunately, there is no chance that these will be built any time soon since, to my knowledge, an expensive platform is required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoyokA View Post
    Old buddies reunited: Gwathmey and Graves. Check out how similar their concepts are. From a distance they look like cousins.

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    Well, the Graves building only looks OK from really far, and blurry, like in that picture. If they're cousins, one is a city slicker and the other is trailer trash. From Bryant Park it's a pile; the materials look cheap (especially the corners which look just horrible) and I especially hate those stupid white column "things" going up the shaft... which look too delicate and plain silly. Designing toasters for Target may have dulled his wits. While it was going up, I was working in an art department on 38th street and one day several of us were looking out the window with our Pantone chips in hand, wishing we could change the color scheme. Yuck yuck yuck. But to each his own.

    Anyway architects often get the colors all wrong. They should hire textile artists to figure out the colors.

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    I think the crisp verticality of the Graves tower actually works better than the Setai. To each his own!

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    The massing is not the problem...
    The devil is in the details- and they suck on Micheal's building. MidtownGuy is right- those giant white paper towel tube columns are awful.
    the way this building is put together does look cheap.
    I shake my head and grimace every time I pass by.
    From a great distance yes-with most of it hidden by it's surroundings, that's the only way to view and appreciate this "trailer trash"
    -up close

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