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Thread: Wall Street's 'Charging Bull'

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    Added note, do you think we should make a 700lb pile of bronze bull pilings and secretly place it behind the bull one night to commemorate the stock markets load of Charging BS?

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    Ninja and Edward, I don't why you've got all this hate for the Bull.
    It's a scuplture showing strength and success for crying out loud, and certainly nothing to get all upset about.

    I for one, think it's a positive asset to the city's landscape.

    Anyway, regardless of what the artist is asking for, let's show the Bull some affection.

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    The bull is as much an asset for the city's landscape as the bronze Mickey Mouse on Fifth Avenue. It's a disgrace for the city trying to be a cultural capital.

    As for showing strength and success - if artistic value not an issue - how about we erect some kind of grandiose phallic structure on that site?

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    I am not as much against it as Edward, but I simply fail to see where it is all that much of an artistic piece.

    Maybe Meryl Lynch should sue the artist for infringing on THEIR trademark?

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    The bull has become iconic in a short time. It now appears in much promotional literature for New York.

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    Default The 'Bull' in Birmingham UK

    We have our own statue of a bull in Birmingham England.
    For hundreds of years this part of the City has been known as 'The Bullring', the trading centre of the City. This was where all the animal trading and slaughtering was carried out. Even in my own youth, I can recall the occasional escaped bull, charging around the streets!

    In The Bullring, there has always been some kind of statue or mural, or whatever, depicting a bull. So the latest 'Bullring' revamp includes this solid Bronze/tin/alloy creature.
    It's a tactile kind of a statue, and I rather like it.
    It's for you to decide, but I prefer it to the Wall Street bull, which I first heard of, when I saw the movie 'Hitch'.
    Funny old world isn't it?

    I have a full pic of the bull and when I can find out how to post it I will do so. Just for interest's sake.
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    Nice BULL ...

    WEBSITE for the sculptor, Laurence Broderick, with lots of info on how the bull was made.

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    Geez, and here I complain that Wall Street's bull is real crap...

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    CNN Money
    December 27, 2010

    Cozy Wall Street Bull sends warmest wishes

    By Octavio Blanco

    Olek, a New York based guerrilla artists sends her warmest wishes. 'This crocheted cover represents my best wishes to all of us. It will be a great, prosperous year with many wonderful surprises!'

    NEW YORK ( -- As many Americans were spending Christmas night with their families, Olek, a New York based artist was near Wall Street, freezing her fingers to the bone while outfitting the famous "Charging Bull" into a giant knitted cozy.

    Why did she feel compelled to crochet a sweater for the brass Bull? Partly, it was because of the economy and partly because she was homesick.

    "I wanted to make it for all those people who couldn't make it to their families and for those people who don't have coats and don't have any money."
    Olek is originally from Poland, but when she couldn't make it home to see her family, she thought of all the others who might be spending this holiday far from their loved ones.

    The crocheted Charging Bull is her Christmas gift to NYC, she says, and a tribute to the sculptor of the bull, Arturo Di Modica, who placed the bull on Wall Street just before Christmas of 1989. Di Modica declared the sculpture a symbol of the "strength and power of the American people" following the stock market crash of 1987.

    Now located in Bowling Green park in Lower Manhattan, "Charging Bull" is a 7,100 pound bronze statue standing about eleven feet tall and 16 feet long.

    But like much "guerrilla art," Olek's work was not on display for long. She says the caretaker of the park tore it apart early in the morning.

    Still, Olek remains optimistic about the future. "I really hope that I can do it again. This crocheted cover represents my best wishes to all of us. It will be a great, prosperous year with many wonderful surprises!"

    2010 Cable News Network

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