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Thread: 440 West 42nd Street at 10th Avenue - 60 Story Tower - by Arquitectonica

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    Unfortunately, no. That "green" space currently contains (2) brand new developments - a new Best Western motel and a gallery space - the new residential towers butt up directly to these buildings. I don't understand why the illustartor chose to make it look like parkland. I'm sure these new buildings won't be disappearing anytime soon to make way for parks/greenway.

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    A sign has been put up at the site naming it the "42nd and 10th Developement" and estimating it's completion in April of 2011.

    3 1/2 years seems like a long time. Does that mean that actual construction is no where near?

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    the schedule for this building and the 7 train extension are connected. even though currently there will be no stop at 41st street and 10th ave, last i heard there will be a shell station built just in case they want to create an actual one in the future.

    evenso, this is a 2+ year project, so i imagine serious construction has to start by sometime in 2008.

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    I spoke to one of the workmen today.
    He said that digging and laying the foundation will take a year; the foundation will be as much as 70 feet deep in places.

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    Post Great Thread

    I had not viewed this thread recently: great to see something finally happening at this site.

    I guess the building with the undulating facade was too good to be true: this would have been nice addition to the street scape.

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    Default "this"

    Thanks for that link; what a great design. What website did you get them from?

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    Default financing changes for the project

    I'm not sure what to make of this:

    Why did MacFarlane back out? I wonder if they are financially impacted by subprime crisis or if there are implications for what related will actually end up doing with the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buff View Post
    Does that exist somewhere as a PDF or something?
    The copy is not legible.
    But thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycdesigner View Post
    Thanks for that link; what a great design. What website did you get them from?

    I saw the pic on this thread an posted the link, I do not know where the original photo came from; try searching further on this thread. Good luck.

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    Default West Side Project Map

    Is This Better?
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I didn't realize he was part of the United team for the WTC competition. That was one of my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buff View Post
    Is This Better?
    thank you

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    Default mailing list

    I see that there is now a website:
    Nothing on it except for an invitation to be put on their mailing list...

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    That has nothing to do with this building development. People buy these websites hoping that the developer will want the address and then purchase it from them. Most likely the developer will choose a name like The Platinum or The Ivy and the investment will be lost.

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