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Thread: 440 West 42nd Street at 10th Avenue - 60 Story Tower - by Arquitectonica

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    Isn't the Mt. Sinai tower (I know, I know, it's the UES) currently U/C?

    Also, won't the tower portion of 250 E. 57 St be underway in a couple of years?

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    I forgot about the MS tower, though I'm not sure if the activity I've been seeing is just for their new medical building or for both that and the condo. The permits seem to indicate the tower is being worked on though.

    There are lots of towers that could start at any point.
    Why not a quick overview:

    Projects topped off/finishing up:

    Beekman Street Tower
    77 stories 876 feet

    The Setai
    57 stories 631 feet

    W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences
    53 stories 630 feet

    Hotel Eventi
    53 stories 614 feet (D.O.B.)

    One Madison Park
    47 stories 604 feet

    Times Square Plaza
    35 stories 565 feet

    Tower 111
    48 stories 554 feet

    Projects that are rising (for now at least):

    One World Trade Center
    104 floors 1,776'

    200 Greenwich Street
    78 stories 1,354'

    175 Greenwich Street
    71 stories, 1,265'

    150 Greenwich Street
    61 stories 974'

    440 West 42nd Street
    55 Stories 668'

    4 East 102nd Street
    42 Stories 518'

    Sites halted at or above grade:

    920 Eighth Avenue
    37 stories 600 feet

    303 East 51st Street
    43 stories 510 feet (probably chopped)

    International Gem Tower
    32 stories 460' (DoB) (still have hope this might top 500')

    Sites halted with foundations complete/partially complete:

    Carnegie 57
    75 stories 1,005

    30 Park Place
    57 stories, 912'

    56 Leonard Street
    58 stories 830'

    605-625 West 42nd Street
    57 stories 618 feet

    384-388 Bridge Street
    49 stories 528 feet

    131-139 West 45th Street
    53 stories 536'

    10 UN Plaza
    40 Floors 520'

    Sites that are cleared with permits filed:

    260 Twelfth Avenue
    66 stories 828'

    360 Tenth Avenue
    61 stories 774'

    50 West Street
    63 stories 725'

    610 Lexington Avenue
    62 stories 709 feet

    Nobu Hotel
    53 stories 708'

    10 Platt Street
    52 Floors 580'

    158 Madison
    38 stories, 438' (DOB figure, I think >500' w/ spire)

    Cleared sites with some kind of activity:

    World Product Centre Tower
    60 stories 1,011'

    The Girasole
    67 stories +1,000'

    250 East 57th Street
    59 stories 715 feet

    Center at Albee Square
    ~58 stories 600'

    There are about 20 skyscraper proposals that have already had their sites cleared with no current activity or permits-- and a few dozen others that haven't made it past the drawing board.
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    610 Lex is dead I think. Last time I saw the site it was completely cover in asphalt.

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    Nice compilation, Derek2k3!

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    Hi everyone, I haven't been on for quite a while but I have to admit that i always lurked around here and there. I'm following this project since the beginning, so here are a few facts:

    - The tower has 55 floors, not 60. although i count more than 55, this is the official number.
    - The final height is 204 meters / 668 feet. I know this because the father of a friend of mine (who lives in NY of course) is a construction worker on the site.
    - There are two roofs: one with 188m / 617ft and the other one with 204m. One could consider the second roof as the "architectural tip".

    Over at a forumer posted this:

    Quote Originally Posted by scalziand View Post
    That's the way I see it too. So this tower is near to top out but still has a long way to go.

    Here's a cool pic from flickr:

    In this pic the tower isn't that tall but I like it.

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    ^Cool. I updated that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tectonic View Post
    610 Lex is dead I think. Last time I saw the site it was completely cover in asphalt.
    I think a few of the designs rendered are technically dead, but since most developments adhere so closely to the zoning envelope, I doubt they'll differ much in size.

    These sites should be the first developed once things improve- and I doubt we'll see many new project announcements until these holes are filled.

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    ^^ You're welcome. Btw I thought that the World Product Centre (WPC) was dead. Well, according to this article it is:

    Manhattan medical mart tower scrapped

    Plans for a huge medical-product trade center backed by GNYHA Ventures have been greatly scaled back, more than a year after the grandiose project was announced. The World Product Centre was to have been a 1.5 million-square-foot medical marketplace anchoring a new 60-story tower on the east side of 11th Avenue between West 33rd and West 34th Streets. The tower, to be built near the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, was also to be the new home of GNYHA.

    The center's backers now say they will lease only 300,000 to 350,000 square feet initially, which they hope to secure by the end of March. They're scouting Manhattan for a site where more space could later be leased for expansion. They say that the initial downshift will enable them to open within 18 months instead of in 2013 as originally planned, giving the project a huge advantage over medical markets proposed for Nashville and Cleveland.

    “For the past 15 months, we've been hearing what people want, and this is in response. Companies want to see something on an earlier timeline,” says John Strong, president of World Product Centre Marketing.

    The concept behind a medical mart is to build a “neutral and transparent” location for medical device vendors where doctors and health facilities personnel can try their wares, says Mr. Strong, rather than the usual resort setting.

    “They are looking for neutral locations where they can conduct training and education,” he adds, given federal scrutiny of ties between suppliers and doctors.
    Sorry for going off topic.

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    Yea, I know - but something similar would rise there.

    I included that and the Girasole because they're working on the 7 train below and will do some prep work the towers that will eventually rise there.

    Your right, this probably needed its own thread.

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    Default retail

    does anyone know what's going on at the NW corner of 42 and 11th? i walked by this weekend and it looks like some kind of retail complex (or maybe i'm getting my hopes up).

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    That's an old sign. It's been there for ages, with no action at the site whatsoever.

    It remains just a big nasty hole (with possible swimming potential -- if the rains of last summer return).

    There's a thread: Proposed: 605 West 42nd Street at 11th Ave - by Costas Kondylis

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    thanks, lofter. expectations adjusted accordingly.

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    Doesn't look much taller than the Orion and the roof line is not like how it is shown in the rendering. Perhaps the entire tower isn't topped out yet, maybe just the usable floors?

    Related's 440 West 42nd Street tops out
    August 04, 2010 06:00PM
    Construction workers at the topping out ceremony

    Developer Related Companies and construction manager Tishman Construction celebrated the topping out of Manhattan's largest current private project today, according to Related. The 60-story, mixed-use development at 440 West 42nd Street between Ninth and 10th avenues, an $800 million project, will contain 800 residential units -- both rental and sales -- of which 163 will be designated as affordable housing. The development will also house the Frank Gehry-designed Signature Center, an off-broadway theater, and a Yotel brand hotel. The building is pursuing a LEED-silver certification. TRD

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    The massing /detailing seen on the rendering isn't what was built. There's no differentiated bump-out on the east side (hence no extension up top -- unless that will be mechanicals and still to be erected). What we got instead was just the bump-out on the north side of the tower section, that tops out about 4/5 of the way up. And no horizontal strips to break up the massing.

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    Then this building is SAD...and people have the nerve to criticize Ratner?

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    This is the son of 1 Penn Plaza.

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